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Installing used parts on my car

nicad 01/08/2021 956

Installing used parts on my car

Carrying out repairs with used parts is possible and encouraged…

And yes, in France, it is not forbidden to change your car parts with spare parts from occasion, and the approach is even encouraged by the French State! It had also made a lot of talk about it some time ago, because it resulted from a decree passed in the official journal in May 2016 and supported in August 2016 by amendment n ° 798 of the energy transition law. . These texts encourage professional mechanics to offer the fitting of used spare parts to their customers when a repair is planned on the vehicle.

This incentive is also quite firm because if it does not respect not its commitment to offer replacement parts from the "circular economy", that is to say recycling, the professional finds himself in a delicate position and may risk a heavy fine!

The consumer information duty is also enshrined in the consumer code. Emphasis is therefore placed on reusing parts that are still in good condition, in order to avoid the overproduction of parts and to favor sustainable development through responsible actions.

Installing used parts on my car

Thus, you will have no problem discussing the subject of used auto parts with your mechanic if a repair is planned on your car, and he does not will have no problem ordering them and placing them on your car. However, be aware that not all parts of your car can be replaced with used parts from recycling.

… but the use of recycled spare parts is limited

You almost suspected it, but you can't use all the used parts you want to make replacements at your garage. Some wearing parts cannot be replaced by counterparts which have already been used, because they also show significant wear, even if they have been little used. This therefore represents the first limit on the use of parts from the circular economy, to which is added a second concerning the type of repair to be carried out.

You can then consult your garage for the installation of recycled parts only if your repair concerns the following body parts: non-glued windows, optical units and attached parts, removable body parts, upholstery and interior trim parts, electronic and mechanical parts excluding running gear, components of the steering, braking components, ground connection elements which are subject to mechanical wear, which cannot be dismantled and which are assembled.

Finally, the mechanic can reserve the right to offer you parts used in certain cases, which are frequent: if the repair is covered by a guarantee, an insurance, or a manufacturer's recall; if the professional considers that the fitting of re-used parts poses a potential security or environmental problem, criteria which are left to his discretion; if the professional offers you a free repair, that is to say free of charge (which will be rare unless you are very good friends with it!).

To supply you with used parts, turn you to competent professionals

When you need used parts, certain components abound on the recycled parts market. And the savings are real, with price drops that can be between -40% and -60% compared to the new prices offered by the manufacturers.

Installing used parts on my car

Among the most sought-after parts are the headlights and mirrors. Many of us have had the misfortune of finding ourselves with a cracked or broken headlight after an overly optimistic maneuver, or a minor accident ... just like our dear mirrors, often abused in the urban jungle!

To supply themselves with quality spare parts, guaranteed for 1 year and at the best price, professionals like RestartEco offer you used headlights (such as for example a Clio 2 headlight or a Peugeot 207 headlight) from the center. recycling as well as second-hand mirrors through their websites.

In the case of replacing other parts, other companies exist and will allow you to make great savings on your changes of parts if it's time to repair a car or sell a car!

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