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How to Unlock LG K30 For Free lm-x410(fg) Unlock Code MetroPCS

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I got my LG K30 MetroPCS from eBay.com. It was a new phone but the box was opened. So most probably it was opened for activation. I bought the phone mainly for this blog so I didn’t use it on MetroPCS.

After a few months, I just tried to unlock it using the pre-installed device unlock app present in K30. To my surprise, it got unlocked for free without purchasing any device unlock service or unlock code.

I would like to share the procedure along with the screenshots. Give it a try, it may work for you as well –

How to Unlock Lg K30 For Free without Unlock Code – LM-X410MK MetroPCS

Connect your phone to the internet via Wifi or mobile data.

On your LG K30 Home Screen, Open the MetroPCS folder as visible in the screenshot above.

Now tap “Device Unlock” to launch this app.

“ALLOW” it to make and manage phone calls.

Tap “CONTINUE” to proceed further

Wait while it’s connecting to the server to check the current unlock status.

Tap “Permanent Unlock” to unlock your K30 once and for all. It will never lock again if it gets unlocked.

If the unlock is successful, it would say “Unlock Approved: Mobile device is permanently unlocked”.

Tap “Restart Now” and insert any GSM sim for testing. It would surely work.

After the restart, if you would check the MetroPCS folder you would notice that the “Device Unlock” app is gone.

I’ve made a video on this as well. You can check out the below LG K30 Unlocking Video –

If this didn’t work for you then you need to buy the

LG K30 MetroPCS / T-Mobile device unlock service

from eBay.

However, make sure not to buy unlock code for MetroPCS & T-Mobile LG K30 as there is no provision to enter the unlock code. You need to buy app unlock service from eBay and use the device unlock app to unlock your K30.


LG K30 AT&T can be unlocked with an unlock code


Please share whether this worked for you or not via the comment section below.

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