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2021 Falken Tire Review: Do They Have Any Benefits?

nicad 13/09/2021 1650

Falken reviews

Our opinion:

Falken tires are a great option for riders looking for a high-performance or all-terrain model without the high price tag. We value Falken's long tread life warranties and high customer satisfaction ratings. However, Falken is not a catch-all brand and will not suit car owners looking for variety.

Industry Ranking:

Variety of tires:


Client satisfaction:


Long tread life guarantees

Relatively affordable performance tires

Excellent high-performance, off-road models


Limited tire variety

Can be difficult to buy online

Not the best choice for winter tires or "no-frills" passenger car and truck tires


Falken tires are among the newest models on the market. The tire maker quickly established a following within the motorsport community, but is Falken worth it for the everyday driver?

In this review, we will discuss the supplier in detail, including company history, industry ratings, most popular Falken tire models, costs and more. Rather than focusing on one or two tire models, we'll give you an overview of Falken - that way you're well informed before you make an expensive purchase.

We have reviewed and ranked the best tires and brands in the industry, considering various factors during our research. If you want to see what other high quality tire models are available, we suggest you read the review. You can also start comparing multiple tire brands, including Falken, at TireRack.com.

About Falken

Falken Tire Industry Rankings

Most Popular Falken Tires p>

Falken Tire Cost

Falken Tire Reviews & Ratings

Positive Falken Tire Reviews

Negative opinions on Falken tires

Our opinion on Falken tyres: 3.0 stars

Our top tire recommendations

Michelin: Best Overall

Cooper tires: the most affordable

About Falken

One of the newest tire manufacturers in the industry, Falken was established in 1983. The Japanese company is part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) and is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Falken was founded to specialize in high performance tires. Although the company has expanded its tire line, Falken is still best known for its high performance models.

Falken tires are the favorite of motorsport competitors and off-road enthusiasts. In recent years, Falken has competed in the ADAC 24 Hour Race in Zurich at the Nürburgring, the VLN Endurance Championships, the Formula Drift Championship Series and the Formula Regional Japanese Championship.

At the consumer level, Falken produces affordable high-performance models as well as some highly rated off-road tires. Although the manufacturer makes a wide variety of products, including passenger, truck, SUV, and crossover tires, Falken offers relatively few models in each major tire category, which can limit choice.

Falken Tire Industry Rankings p>

Falken reports tire scores based on a rating system created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This system is called Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG), and it grades tires — except for specialty tires — based on tread wear, traction, and temperature resistance.

Here is an explanation of the UTQG ranking system: p>

Tread Wear: This rating estimates the longevity of your tires. To calculate tread wear, tires are measured against a control tire with a rating of 100. If a tire has a wear rating of 500, that means it has lasted five times longer. than the witness. Most passenger tires have a wear rating between 300 and 500, according to data from SaferCar.gov.

Grip: This rating measures how well your tires “grip” a wet road. Traction ratings are given on a scale of AA, A, B, or C. Good everyday touring tires usually receive an A rating.

Temperature: This rating rates a tire's heat resistance on a scale of A, B, or C. Tires must withstand different temperatures depending on their specialization. High-performance tires, for example, typically travel at much higher speeds than an all-season tire and, in turn, have higher temperature ratings.

It is important to note that NHTSA does not oversee UTQG testing. Manufacturers and independent companies hired by brands are responsible for tire testing and reporting.

Below, we detail some highly rated Falken tire models and their wear, traction, and temperature scores using data from SaferCar.gov.< /p>

Falken tire model

Tire type

Tread wear score

Traction score

Temperature resistance

< p>Falken WildPeak A/T3W

Off-road pickup truck




Falken WildPeak H/T HT01A

All-Weather Crossover/SUV Touring




Falken Ziex STZ05

All-Weather Pickup/SUV




Falken Sincera SN250A A/S

Passenger Grand tourer All seasons




If you want to know more about a tire you already own, you can check the sidewall of the tire for UTQG grade.

Most Popular Falken Tires

The most popular Falken tires are all-season performance and off-road models. Due to their durability and technological advancements, these Falken models are well suited to their specialty. Falken performance tires are known for their low noise and good handling, while its off-road models roll well even in the toughest conditions.

Here are some of Falken's most popular tire models:

< p>Falken Sincera SN250 A/S: an H-speed rated touring tire suitable for a luxurious all year round ride

Falken WildPeak M/T: a muddy terrain tire with a three-ply sidewall, ejector stone, reinforced sidewalls and shoulder blocks

Falken WildPeak A/T3W: One of Falken's best off-road tires, designed with chunky tread blocks, silica tread and biting edges along the shoulder for maximum traction< / p>

Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S: a high-performance all-season tire with particularly wide tread voids and specially designed sipes for traction on dry, wet and snowy roads

These model tires are highly praised by customers and industry experts.

Falken is almost exclusively a replacement tire brand, but it has secured a few equipment (OE) partnerships in recent years. It currently supplies tires to Jeep, Ram, Subaru, Porsche and a few others.

Falken's tread life warranties are longer than average. While none of its models hit the 80,000-90,000 mile mark, most average between 55,000 and 70,000. We were particularly impressed with some of the band life guarantees. rolling of its high-performance models, which generally wear out more quickly than other tires.

Falken Tire Cost

Falken tires are average in terms of cost. They are not as expensive as some ultra high performance tires (like Pirelli tires, for example), but they are also not as affordable as Cooper tires or Nitto tires. Using Tire Rack cost data, Falken tires average between $150 and $240.

Considering that high-performance tires can cost $300 and more, Falken is a solid choice for drivers looking for a cheaper alternative. Many Falken performance tires also come with a longer tread life warranty than most performance models. When comparing initial cost to long-term value, Falken tires sit at an affordable price and offer long tread life.

Falken Tire Reviews & Ratings

Based on customer reviews and ratings on multiple tire retailer sites, Falken tires hold an average rating of 4.0 stars. Industry experts are interested in brand performance and off-road tires, which also score higher in customer reviews.

Below, we've detailed Falken tire reviews on Tire Rack to give you a better idea of ​​the brand's strengths and weaknesses.

Positive Falken Tire Reviews

“For a daily driver, the [Falken Azenis FK510] tires are good value for money. Would I follow with them? Perhaps. After 12,000 miles I'm at 6/32nd tread depth. [With] road noise, I can't really tell because I have a muffler... But I have no complaints. Dry handling is superb, wet handling is also better. – via Tire Rack

“The [Falken Wildpeak A/T3W] tires are more aggressive than they look in the picture. At high speeds, the noise level is low or zero. [I] had to pull my buddy out of a hole one night – the tires [did] do their job and more. So far, I would recommend this tire any day of the week. – via Tire Rack

Negative opinions on Falken tires

“[The Falken Ziex CT50 A/S] is a very bad tyre. Road noise was evident in the 20,000 mile range and got progressively worse. The dealer confirmed that the tires became “feathered”. It’s with a solid history of spins, alignments, balancing and holding pressure to spec.” – via Tire Rack

“Now, after three autocross events, [the Falken Azenis RT660s] are rubbish. I have raced several RE71Rs and rivals on this same car over the last five years and have never had issues like this. These were heat cycled the same way I have on others when I didn't pay the extra to do so. – via Tire Rack

Our opinion on Falken tyres: 3.0 stars

We rate Falken tires 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. We love the tire manufacturer's dedication to producing high-quality, all-terrain tires with exceptional durability, as well as its cheaper price. However, Falken is better for drivers who know what they are looking for, not for those who need choice.

Our top tire recommendations

A new set of tires is often an expensive investment, so it's best to find the right tire before committing to a purchase. Falken tires are a good choice for many drivers, but we also recommend looking at other reputable tire brands. Our top picks include Michelin tires and Cooper tires.

Michelin: Best Overall

Michelin is our top choice for tires based on its position in the industry, product variety, and high quality tires. Overall, the tire manufacturer produces some of the best and most durable tires in the industry. Although Michelin tires are expensive, they are well worth the investment.

Start comparing Michelin tires at TireRack.com.

Cooper tires: the most affordable

If you're looking for an affordable tire, Cooper tires are some of the best. Many of the brand's models cost between $75 and $100, making them a cheaper alternative to other big companies. Cooper offers a wide variety of tires, but works best with all-season tires.

Start comparing Cooper tires at TireRack.com.

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