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Product opinion: 3M Paint Defender 3M spray film

nicad 22/06/2022 117

La semaine dernière, 3M a invité un groupe diversifié de journalistes automobiles à leur siège social du Minnesota pour présenter leur dernière innovation: le premier film protecteur de peinture en aérosol adapté au bricolage. Maintenant sur Amazon, il sera exposé dans Autozone à partir du 3 mai.Avis produit : Film de pulvérisation 3M Paint Defender

RD, the product is really impressive and I can personally guarantee its ease of application and its impressive features.

3m Paint Defender comes from the desire list of DIY lovers.A product that offers the protection against stone bursts of films applied by professionals (such as the concessionaire option of more than $ 2,000 for Porsche 911), but which can in fact be doable at home by normal car guys.These films are a major pita for anyone who has already tried to install one.Much more complicated than a Di-Noc envelope, they need several layers of soapy water, a team of three men to align and climb, then the two sides took off from their transparent back.An error is legendary: these professional films are permanent.

It took the industrial science of 3m to resolve the chemical enigma of a film on which you vaporize, but which becomes absolutely clear once dry, and can (for real) be taken off later.

These are the big differences between Paint Defender and the transparent plasti-dipy spray.Black Plasti-Dip is great, don't be mistaken.Plasti-Dip has incredible properties in the way it dries gently and uniformly, as well as its ability to (sometimes) be removed from the surface.The problem is that the clear plasti-dip is not really clear.A bad application the leash gerced and milky, while the best application cannot still be made on the paint because the result is a blurred mat finish.

Spray on three churered layers

Defender painting corrects this weakness by drying the transparent and brilliant varnishes, with an identical radiance with transparent OEM varnishes.Aside from the precise application line (on the third party before a hood, for example), the deep brilliant corresponds exactly to the color of the body.

The ease of application makes Paint Defender a very good product to recommend with friends.No one will come back with a horror story about this product thanks to its three -step intuitive instructions.

1. Carefully clean the surface, then apply a erased/erasable 3m wax included in the kit

2. Cover the car body with the light transparent tarpaulin included, then mask the area you want to spray using the 3M paint tape.The suggested application locations are also on the box, showing that the noses, the hoods, the rockers and the wings are all recommended.

3. Concentrate on the spray of small areas (3 square feet) at the same time, for example by dividing a hood into two parts.Then spray three layers in a slow hatch for each section.The result will become milky when it has the right thickness.Move on the other side of the hood, for example, to complete the work.

3M Auto Boot Camp technicians recommend doing this work in your garage or in another enclosed space to prevent any dust from blowing in work because it dries in 3-4 hours.A mask of paint and gloves are recommended, but it is not a totally repugnant thing because Paint Defender is water -based and has practically no odor.

The product is sold in the can or also in a kit (recommended) with transparent tarpaulin, pre-cire and masking tape included.A box or a kit usually covers half a car cover, lasts at least a year and is safe for all future cleaning, washing and waxes.Consult the image gallery below and share your results if you do!

3m Defender key - spray key test

Pre-Cire stage-

Area masking

Spray of three chopped layers

Peeling off

Finish the front game

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