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Peace and Quiet: The 10 Quietest and Most Scenic Roads in America

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In January 1966, The Vogues, originally from Pennsylvania, came out Paix et tranquillité : les 10 routes les plus calmes et les plus pittoresques d'Amérique

Five O'Clock World. The album's self-titled lead single tells the story - which we can all relate to - of a man rushing through the city and battling through rush hour traffic. He works hard to earn his salary, but it's worth it because at the end of the day, a "girl with long hair" is waiting for him.

A line in the first verse points to something we've all experienced: "the sounds of the city pounding in my brain, as another day slips by in the sewers."

Quiet getaway

Polar bear dive

Desert Landscapes & Autumn Colors

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Quiet Getaway

Sometimes it is necessary to get away from the hustle and bustle. If you're like us, you may have made up your mind to travel more in 2018, but where do you go when you hit the proverbial road? And where to go when looking for some peace and quiet? Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, released a study analyzing national road traffic data to determine which U.S. roads are the least traveled and least congested.

Using traffic count data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System and the annual average daily traffic score, Geotab examined US highways and roads over 10 miles in length to identify the quietest roads in each state. And it turns out that the quietest routes are also some of the most scenic.

Polar bear dive

To help determine the most scenic routes, Geotab asked renowned photographer James "Q" Martin to participate. Martin has traveled extensively throughout the American Southwest and to over 30 countries, documenting the world-class athletes, artists, environmentalists, filmmakers and scientists who inspire him. The most scenic routes in Geotab's list have been compiled manually with the rankings decided by Martin himself.

“I chose the Dalton Highway in Alaska as my favorite scenic, quiet drive,” he explained. "It's a road that reaches the top of the continent, and would literally allow you to see a polar bear under the right circumstances."

The Dalton Highway is over 400 miles with over 250 miles between services. stations. The area is famous for the TV show Ice Road Truckers

, and brave travelers will see Alaska's boreal forests, mountain ranges and the Yukon River. Compared to the others on the list, the traffic numbers are pretty slim, averaging just 196 vehicles per day. The remaining nine routes handled an average of 2,976 vehicles per day, about 15 times more than the Dalton route in Alaska. Paix et tranquillité : les 10 routes les plus calmes et les plus pittoresques d'Amérique

The James W. Dalton Highway is a 414-mile stretch of gravel and dirt that stretches from Livengood to Prudhoe Bay with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline running along the highway. According to Alaska.org, travelers will pass through Coldfoot, home to the world's northernmost truck stop and the only place on the highway to stop for the night. The accommodations are simple but expensive. Photo: Terry Feuerborn.

Desert Landscapes & Autumn Colors

Utah's Route 50 came in close behind, dubbed "America's loneliest road" through Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park and the Great Salt Lake Wilderness. The desert, in general, can be a nice place to drive speaking from experience. In the past, we've traveled (more than once) from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Interstate 10, especially at sunset, offers stunning views of the desert landscape.

In third place is US Route 201 in Maine, often referred to as the "Old Canada Road". Travelers on this trip will see historic places and Lake Wyman. It is recommended to do this trip in the fall just when the leaves are changing color.

“US 50 in Utah allows you to travel through geologic time, and Maine's Old Canadian Highway is where human history unfolds at every turn,” Martin said.

Wyoming's Beartooth Highway to Yellowstone National Park makes the list unsurprisingly. . Beartooth Lake and the Absaroka Mountains also offer stunning views, but plan to visit when the weather is nicer. The road is closed during the winter. Photo: Tia Troy.

Out & About

In addition to determining the top 10 most scenic routes, Geotab identified the least traveled routes by state. Here in Michigan, Geotab lists U.S. Route 45, a 54-mile stretch that crosses the state's Upper Peninsula, as the quietest and least trafficked. While many are "off the beaten path," Geotab's interactive map includes photos, additional information, and Google Street Views that highlight the various attractions on or near each route.

“All of these routes offer so much,” added Martin.

The full list and the interactive Geotab map can be viewed here. If you decide to go out, be sure to share your photos with us on Twitter.

Carl Anthony is the editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. He studied mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, served on the board of the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, and was a loyal Detroit Lions fan.

Cover photo: Augusta, Maine skyline, Sean Pavon. p>

Dalton Highway Photo: "Dalton Highway, Brooks Range, Alaska, 2009" by Terry Feuerborn Licensed CC BY-NC 2.0. To see more photos, including basic hotel rooms, please visit the Feuerborn Flickr page.

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