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Painting without painting: what is it and is it effective?Should you do this?

nicad 20/06/2022 78

Painting without painting or paint without painting is an ideal choice for solving vehicle accident problems.In this guide, we describe what types of bumps are eligible, how long it takes and if you can finish the process yourself at home.

Have you returned to your vehicle in the parking lot and identified an undoubtedly new scratch or bump?The culprit could be a number of things, although a dishonest shopping cart or a car door that freely swings of the next space is probably to blame.If this is the case, your first reflex could be to ignore it.It is not essential to the operation of your car, and you may be afraid of the cost of repair.

If repairs or maintenance give you the head, you are not alone.According to a survey by AAA, two in three drivers are wary of automotive repair facilities, due to factors such as overload, unnecessary experiences and "corrections".Given the hassles of taking your vehicle somewhere, then going for a while, you may think it is not worth it.

The risk of ignoring damage

What is the tooth without repair painting?

What are the bumps eligible for the repair of bumps without painting?

Limits of the repair of bumps without painting

Can this damage my car more?

How long does it take?

Will my insurance cover the repair of bumps without painting?

Can I make the repair of bumps without painting?

What tools do I need?

What all this means

The risk of ignoring damage

It is not recommended to take this path due to several factors.On the one hand, ignoring damage can lead to a drop in the resale or exchange value of your vehicle.If you exchange your damaged car for a more recent vehicle, the dealer will take into account the damage and can offer a lower value.

Second, the bumps or the left -wing scratches expose your vehicle to corrosion.If this process begins, the outside of your vehicle will start to rust.It is an irreversible chemical change that reduces the safety and value of your vehicle.Rust can accelerate or decrease depending on whether you live in a dry climate or if your vehicle is constantly exposed to the elements (such as parking in an aisle or on the street during the winter months).

Research continues to show that Americans keep their cars longer.If you are in this category like so many others, it is imperative that you do everything possible to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.This is why you should treat even the smallest bumps or bumps, but what is your best option?

What is the repair of bumps without painting?

Débosselage sans peinture : qu'est-ce que c'est et est-ce efficace ? Devriez-vous faire cela ?

Repairing bumps without painting (or PDR) is widely used to be the most profitable, fastest and ecological solution for vehicle bump repairs.A good analogy would be a minor scratch on your arm compared to a more serious cut or laceration.Traditional automotive repair would be a treatment option comparable to stitches or surgery.The RDP, in this analogy, would be the treatment option for the most minor injuries.

The RDP is generally carried out via a series of crucial steps:

Analyze and access the damaged area.

Removing the affected area panel to access the posterior face of the bump.

Slowly apply a continuous pressure on both sides to work on the bump (without overhanging).

What are the eligible bumps for repairing bumps without painting?

Better suited to low -force impacts, repairing paint -free bumps is a process for most minor bumps.Light or minimal damage due to hail, impacts of bullets lost in the aisle and other "door strokes" are generally eligible for the PDR.

When you take your vehicle, the body workshop will look for how far the metal on your car has been "stretched" because of the bump.They will examine the shape and depth of the bump.The smaller and shallow the bump, the more the PDR is a viable option.

If the damage caused by hail are important, see a bodywork professional to find out what the next step should be.Although you can perform a PDR at home, the location and size of the bumps may have unforeseen challenges.Photo: Hans Braxmeier.

Limits of the repair of bumps without painting

The PDR only works if the bump has not seriously chipped or cracked the painting of your car.Anything that has caused deeper damage, or visible remote damage, will be too serious.If the bump is wider than your fist in a ball or sinks more deeply into a door or panel than a half-pouce, alternative measures are probably your best choice.

If the bump is too large, the process of working the panel on both sides will probably stretch the metal and cause other imperfections.And if the damaged area consists of a deep fold or a cut, the PDR is also out of the question.

“A few years ago, I was cleaning the garage and a scale fell on my Ford Fusion."Records Carl Anthony, editor -in -chief of Automoblog."When I moved it, there was a nasty slice the size of a flow card just above the front passenger tire.The ladder had come down just.My local guy ended up using different colored mixing and correspondence techniques in order to complete the work.For damage caused by the scale, repairing bumps without painting was simply not an option.»»

Another example is that of damage associated with hitting a deer.The collisions with the fauna often cause too much damage so that the paint without painting is effective.

If this is done correctly, the paint without painting can completely disappear a bump.

Can it damage my car more?

No, but warning is to ensure that the bump or ding is not outside the scope of what PDR can accomplish.Assuming that the bump is eligible, and if the process is carried out correctly, it will be difficult to say (or even impossible) where to start the bump.

Bodywork professionals are trained and certified to make a number of repairs on your vehicle, including PDR.Many of them have been working in the workshop for years, so they are used to seeing all kinds of bumps.

"If the technician is well trained and good with the tools, the bump will have completely disappeared and you will have nothing to fear," said Anthony."Although, if you are not sure, do not be afraid to ask questions. According to my experience in the automotive sector, renowned store technicians are very good at explaining things in a clear and concise way.»»

Posez toujours plus de questions si vous n'êtes pas sûr de quelque chose impliquant un débosselage sans peinture.

How long does it take?

Fortunately, because it is designed for smaller and less intrusive impacts, paint -free flowering is a faster solution than traditional repairs or replacements.While traditional repairs may require the ordering of parts and factory paint, and a night stay in the workshop for your car (or more), the repair of bumps without painting is carried out the same day and does notrequires no additional part.

If the bump is a minor, the waiting time is similar to that of replacing your tires.It will take a few hours maximum.However, if there are significant damage, like what could happen after a hailstorm, the process can take several days.

Will my insurance cover the paint without painting?

Unless the repairs extend beyond several sections or panels of the body, paying your pocket is probably your best option.Although you can get your insurance to cover the cost, you run the risk of facing a higher bonus on the road.

In general, your pocket repairs are probably limited to a few hundred dollars (or less) if it is a typical bump.

Can I repair the bumps myself without painting?

Before making a decision, determine if you have the necessary time, patience and tools.PDR tools must be used correctly to obtain the best results, which requires practice.If you have time to waste or if you frequently find yourself facing these unfortunate damage, it might be wise to learn.However, it is imperative not to overly overhang the bump.

Overrection is the application of too much strength when you remove the bump, stretching metal.This is not a process that you can reverse, so avoid this crucial error.

What tools do I need?

Here are three kits that we recommend if you want to try to repair bumps without home painting.

Kit PDR #1: The first is a complete kit of 200 super PDR pieces which includes a certain number of color code stems, an empty suction cup and a bump.If you want to dive, your head first, in the PDR and learn the profession, then you will have all the necessary tools.

Kit PDR #2: An improved 45 -piece kit of gliston is another good option and is the first choice on the autoguide list of the best PDR kits for your car.Autoguide indicates that the car bump extractor includes 16 tabs of different sizes and can repair the bumps in as little as 30 minutes.

Kit PDR n ° 3: Finally, there is a more economical manelord kit which includes a bridge extractor, black and blue glue extractor tabs and two glue shovels.Although there are not as many pieces as the other two, the manelord kit always has good reviews on Amazon when it comes to repairing unexpected bumps.

What all this means

While DIY repairs are an option, expert level knowledge and the ability to use the required tools may require more efforts than it is worth it, especially since paint without painting is rarelyAn expensive solution.Board -sisters know which parts should be removed to quickly access the damaged area.They also know the fine border between the repair of the bump and the overhanging.

The most important thing is to treat the bump as soon as it becomes apparent, whether you do it yourself or take it somewhere.This will preserve the life of your vehicle on the road.

Dominic Lobianco is a writer for Caliber Collision.Dominique covers a wide range of subjects and subjects, ranging from safe driving skills to improve how you travel in the morning.

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