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New product assessment: the 3M fuel system adjustment kit helps you get professional results

nicad 21/06/2022 66

Un moteur heureux qui tourne au ralenti comme du beurre. Nous voyons souvent cette situation lorsque la voiture revient d'un concessionnaire ou d'un mécanicien à l'écoute. Un ajustement complet concerne les filtres, les fluides et les nouvelles bougies d'allumage, mais les moteurs modernes consomment à peine ces choses comme les générations précédentes.Évaluation du nouveau produit : le kit de réglage du système de carburant 3M aide les bricoleurs à obtenir des résultats professionnels

So what is the trick used by mechanics to restore the balance of an engine after many difficult kilometers?

For years, it was a solid three -step kit that 3M provides with OEM resellers and stores around the world.Detail adjustments make it easier to use than ever - something that even a DIY mechanic can tackle with confidence.It takes about two hours from start to finish and can be done solo or with a boyfriend.

Let us dive into some of the changes in the new kit and the advantages they offer to normal guys who want to restore the performance engine, softness and efficiency lost over the years of driving.

The 3M kit is delivered in three steps and includes very complete and useful instructions as well as a DVD which makes this maintenance a breeze.

The main thing you need to locate in your engine is the butterfly body case, which must be open to access the first step, and ideally withdrawn for deep cleaning in the second step.

< p> Avant de vous diriger vers l'allée, vous aurez besoin de: outils à main de base comme un tournevis à tête plate, des gants en caoutchouc et des lunettes de protection.

First step: the intake system cleaner was the most difficult step in the process, but with this rebuilding kit, the intake system cleaning the intake system has a locking trigger which accurately regulates the low of cleaner in the engineworking.The product is vaporized in the engine via a straight hose easier to use which directly applies cleaning solvents around the combustion area, the valve control and the intake manifold.Once locked, the container takes about ten minutes to empty and the 3M team recommends maintaining the engine between 1500 and 2000 rpm during the process.

Second step: Accelerator plate cleaner: Accelerator plates are notorious problem zones that accumulate tons of carbon and grips encrusted.Everything that accumulates there limits the movement of the butterfly valve and is the main cause of the "race" and the irregular slow motion of the engine.The kit includes a jet nozzle to remove deposits with the same level of cleaners as the professional product.

Third step: the simplest step is the last, the complete cleaner of the fuel system in which you simply switch the fuel tank of your car.

Each of the three products is available individually but is designed to operate together for the best possible results.We have all seen the dozens of fuel miracles additives which all make very daring affirmations but generally do not bring any notable change.

This kit focuses on the intake and the butterfly body because the hot spots highlight the importance of treating the front of the engine before the solvent cleaner is diluted in gallons of petrol.

The 3M fuel system development kit is available now at Autozone, Pep Boys, Napa Auto Parts and Amazon for around $ 40 (check the price on Amazon.com) and is recommended for use once a year orevery 10,000 miles.You will be proud of your work and will see a significant improvement in performance and fuel economy.

Have you used such a fuel system cleaner and obtained good (or bad) results?Do you think these types of toolboxes are useful or simply nonsense marketing?Share your experience in the comments!

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