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Examination of modern sites 2020: How is the finesse of the city compared?

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Hyundai from 2020

Our opinion:

Le Hyundai from 2020 est un VUS abordable, facile à manœuvrer et à conduire en ville.Additional packages offer beautiful amenities, such as navigation, heated seats and a sunroof.We do not care about the external style, but we can ignore it given the other strong attributes of the place.

Exterior style


Interior design


Driving dynamic


Sécurité & Caractéristiques techniques


Everyday features




Fuel economy

Nimble & Maniable


Hard plastic interior

Engine power (sometimes)

False positives on safety characteristics


Le Hyundai from 2020 est le plus petit crayon de ce qui est devenu une boîte colorée pour le constructeur automobile.Hyundai has spent considerable time strengthening its SUV and multisgments portfolio, the coming 2020 being the last addition.Hyundai offers five SUVs and/or multisgments for 2020: Palisade, Santa Fe, Tucson, Kona (which has an EV variant), Nexo Fuel Cell and now the coming.

Earlier this year, we led the largest palisade for a week around Detroit.Well considered, we think that the three -row SUV has a lot to offer.We now go to the other end of the spectrum, spending a week with the smallest in the Hyundai SUV range: the coming.

Our press vehicle was a Hyundai from Sel 2020 in white ceramic with a gray interior.

Hyundai came: what's new for 2020

Hyundai from 2020: Caractéristiques standard

Hyundai from 2020: Caractéristiques en option

How much does 2020 Hyundai come?

Strengths of the interior: Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

Strengths of the interior: passenger and AMP;Loading space

Place Hyundai 2020: engine and AMP;Powertrain

Le Hyundai from 2020 est-il à traction intégrale?

Le Hyundai from 2020 a-t-il un manuel?

Kométrage d'essence du Hyundai from 2020


Comment le Hyundai from 2020 conduit-il?

Better for daily driving

Dois-je acheter un Hyundai from 2020?

Hyundai 2020 sites gallery

Hyundai came: what's new for 2020

The little SUV made its debut at the 2019 New York International Salon of the New York."The all-newcomer is perhaps small, but it is important in terms of functionality and personality," said Mike O'Brien at the time, vice-president of the product, business planning andDigital, Hyundai Motor America.

Le Hyundai from 2020 entre dans une fête bondée, et les consommateurs ont beaucoup de choix en ce qui concerne les petits VUS.Comparable vehicles include Chevy Trax, Fiat 500x, Ford Ecosport, Honda HR-V, Nissan Kicks and Toyota C-HR.

Il existe trois niveaux de finition pour le Hyundai from 2020: SE, SEL et Jean.The denim garnish includes the exterior color and the Denim interior theme, with a contrasting white roof.

Hyundai from 2020 en Denim.

Hyundai from 2020: Caractéristiques de série

Our Hyundai press vehicle from Sel 2020 was well equipped in the factory.The Advanced Safety Technology ensemble included a collision warning before;Way maintenance assistant;electronic stability and traction control;Driver's attention warning;Tire pressure monitoring system;front and side curtain airbags;and a rear view camera.

The comfort and convenience pack offered us an eight -inch touch screen compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto;Entrance to smartphone, USB and auxiliary;Climate control;tilting and telescopic steering wheel;key entry;Compact emergency tire;and a two -story practical rear loading floor.

Examen des sites modernes 2020 : comment se compare la finesse de la ville ?

Connexe: Un aperçu en profondeur du Hyundai from 2020.

Hyundai from 2020: Caractéristiques en option

Our press vehicle from Sel had the convenience pack ($ 1,150), which included an electric sunroof, a storage box for sliding armrests, a blind spot monitor and a transverse traffic alert.The premium set (1750) included headlights and rear light lights;daytime traffic lights;front seats and heated outdoor mirrors;Starting by push button;navigation;and carpet floor mats.Hyundai Blue Link services are free for three years as part of the premium package.

Interior design du Hyundai from 2020.

Combien coûte le Hyundai from 2020?

The basic price of our press vehicle from Sel was $ 19,250.With the convenience and premium added packages and the change of destination of $ 1,120, the Total PDSF amounts to $ 23,405.In comparison, the coming starts at $ 1,7350 while denim begins at $ 2,2050.

One of the most attractive aspects of the coming is its price.According to Cox Automotive, average payment for a new vehicle exceeded $ 530 in 2018, or around 10 % of household median income.SUVs and multisgments, even the most compact like the coming, should increase by 18 % by 2025.

In the current state of things, almost all new vehicle is today an expensive proposal, but the Hyundai from landed on the lower side of this scale.The place would be ideal for newlyweds, single parents, young professionals and retirees who wish to reduce their workforce.Depending on local incentives and stocks in your region*, you may save a little more on the purchase price of a newcomer.

Hyundai press vehicle window sticker from Sel 2020.

Strengths of the interior: Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

Given the price, we cannot expect luxury or superior treatments, but our press vehicle was not completely Spartan.We always had navigation, heated seats and interesting technological features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto.That said, simplicity is certainly a strong point here.Although there are a handful of pimples, mainly on the steering wheel and just under the central screen of eight inch, they do not seem busy, confused or vaguely marked.

Although I have been in the automotive industry most of my professional life, I am always overwhelmed when I see several screens, contact points and buttons.I liked the fact that everything I needed was contained in the eight -inch central screen from the coming.Once I got there (and you will quickly), I was ready to leave.

The air conditioning buttons are slightly larger buttons with the auxiliary ports just below.Again, nothing is vaguely marked or confusing, a strong point because today's vehicles are often filled with "technology".

L'écran tactile de huit pouces à l'intérieur du Hyundai from 2020.Navigation is part of the Premium Pack.

Points forts de l'intérieur : Passager & Espace de chargement

The front seats are comfortable enough for the getaways we have made around Detroit. Lors d'un voyage plus long, nous pourrions imaginer une certaine fatigue et un inconfort s'installer, mais pour un trajet quotidien, le Hyundai from 2020 fera très bien l'affaire.The total interior volume is 110.6 cubic feet, with a total volume of passengers of 91.9 cubic feet.

The rear loading capacity is 18.7 cubic feet with the seated seats, extending up to 31.9 cubic feet with them lowered.The loading space includes a lid for more privacy and a two -level floor for more flexibility.We put a red roller bag (like the one with which you travel) and a sports bag and everything is fine.As long as you do not transport the kitchen sink, the arrival space of the arrival should be sufficient.

Hyundai from 2020 : Engine & Groupe motopropulseur

Under the hood is the new Smartstream engine in Hyundai, a 1.6-liter four-cylinder which develops 121 horsepower (6300 rpm) and 113 lb-ft.of torque (4,500 rpm).The engine is connected to a variable intelligent automatic transmission which sends the power to the front wheels, a transmission developed internally by Hyundai.

The coming offers three different driving modes.Normal, this is what its name suggests and it is the best for daily driving.Sport mode makes the response of the accelerator and the steering more energetic, even if it is really more barking than biting.The most practical is snow mode, which sends the torque between the left and right front wheels when time is spoiled.

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Est-ce que la traction intégrale Hyundai from 2020 est-elle?

No, only the front traction is available, and it does not matter.Full traction would increase the vehicle PDSF anyway and long -term fuel consumption.Snow mode is solid if you are concerned about traction and if you try to reduce costs, the front traction is a better option.

Le Hyundai from 2020 a-t-il un manuel?

Sure!Opt for the entry -level SE and you can have a six -speed manual gearbox.Our press vehicle had the automatic, but a manual would be fun in something like the coming.

Hyundai from 2020.

Kométrage d'essence du Hyundai from 2020

Hyundai focused a lot on the fuel economy while developing the 1.6 -liter four -cylinder from the coming.Exhaust gases and fuel injection gases with double orifice have been refined ("spray targeting" more optimized for injectors, according to Hyundai).This worked because the 2020 site stands out from the competition.

Les cotes EPA avec l'automatique sont de 30/34 ville/autoroute et 32 ​​combinées.Manual transmission arrives at 27/35 City/highway and 30 handsets.The capacity of the fuel tank is 11.9 gallons.

Comment fonctionne le Hyundai from 2020?

The coming will shine in a big lively city, as is the case with our beloved house in Detroit.The place could be better described as "zippy", or at least that is what has remained in our mind when we traveled Jefferson, Congress and Woodward in downtown Detroit.Since the site is smaller, you feel more agile, especially since other commuters go about their daily occupations, or when the preceding truck stops to make a delivery, or that this construction vehiclemust back down.

In thus many words, the Hyundai who came can manage the average day in the typical American city.He obtains excellent petrol consumption, lights up a penny, and if you should, you can park it in a shoe box or a brushed closet.When parking in the city center is at a high price, the Hyundai came is your ticket.

Better for daily driving

Acceleration is solid given the engine smaller at 1.6 liter.This will make a little noise when you are initially on the accelerator, but things will calm down once on the highway.The blind spot instructor has recorded some false positives for us, so make sure you always check the mirrors when you change your track, especially during peak hours.

Our only concern would be to conduct the coming on a longer trip.Although we are 100% confident in the mechanical capabilities of the site, we would probably opt for the biggest Santa Fe if long trips were part of our normal program.The reduced size of the arrival suits him in town, even if drivers can possibly feel cramped and uncomfortable as the kilometers accumulate on the open road.

Dois-je acheter un Hyundai from 2020?

We do not particularly care about the external style, but given the affordability, this can be neglected.As for a completely new vehicle for Hyundai, they did a good job from the start. Si vous avez actuellement besoin de quelque chose de nouveau et que vous considérez l'achat d'une voiture comme une affaire strictement pratique et pragmatique, alors il est difficile de vous tromper avec le Hyundai from 2020.

Carl Anthony is editor -in -chief of Automoblog and member of the Midwest.Association of Automobile Media and the Society of Historians of the Automobile.He sits on the board of directors of the Ally Joldwin Foundation, is a former president of Detroit Working Writers and a faithful fan of the Detroit Lions.

Galerie Hyundai from 2020

Photos: Hyundai Motor America.

*When you visit this link, Automoblog and its partners can be compensated.

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