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Memory Lane: A thousand strokes

nicad 24/05/2022 245

Le week-end de la fête du Travail, j'ai participé à l'exposition Hawkesbury (Ontario) Auto Club, qui se tient depuis 19 ans. En raison de la fin de Harvey, la pluie a inondé tout le processus. Cela étant dit, c'est complètement différent de ce que vivent les bonnes personnes dans d'autres régions des États-Unis.Memory Lane : mille coups

The last car show I attended was also soaked. So, I fight against the weather a thousand times, but anyway, a hundred brave owners again showed their metal, so to speak, and participated. Last year, the weather was beautiful and they had about 500 cars registered for the event.

Little wonders

All illuminated

Vans, Trophées & Broncos

Grand theft AutoMemory Lane : mille coups

Memory & Recognition

Hawkesbury car Club Salon Gallery

Little wonders

I met a gentleman who broke his neck not long ago and became tetraplegic. Fortunately, his paralysis lasted only a few months. Who said there were no miracles? He seemed very humble to me.

1967 Mercury Cougar. Photo: Michael Bellamy pour Automoblog.net.Memory Lane : mille coups

All lit

1967 was the year Mercury gave birth to Cougar. I had a 1994 Cougar XR7 and it had 168,000 miles on the counter when I sold it to buy my 1997 Lincoln (shameless catch). I loved that Cougar and everything worked, including air conditioning. Before Cougar, I owned a 1989 Thunderbird LS, which I traded for the XR7. Interestingly, sequential lights first appeared on the Thunderbird in 1965. But for some reason, sequential lights have become a great success with the Cougar, not the T-Bird.

This shows that manufacturers can never say what will please the public. Because it's so expensive to build cars now, maybe that's why they Don't take so much risk anymore, and all models of similar categories are all the same. In 1969 Chrysler installed sequential traffic lights on his Imperial. You can now see sequential traffic lights on the new Mustang. They're just cool.

This 1977 Chevrolet Van won a trophy at the Hawkesbury car Club. Photo: Michael Bellamy for Automoblog.net.

Vans, trophées & BroncosMemory Lane : mille coups

Then there was a guy who showed up in a Chevy van. Everybody likes a van. Kids love vans for reasons other than adults, if you know what I mean. He testified that he had taken five weeks off and had spent the summer attending automobile events. He won a bunch of trophies, including one at this show. I also met an elderly man who drives a 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500K replica, which you can buy from a California company. You can get a used one in good condition for about $50,000. A real one would cost millions.

Another man brought his 1964 Oldsmoble 98, which he has owned for 50 years. Then there was a Ford Bronco owner. I know a guy who's rebuilding Broncos. It removes the original engine and replaces it with a 4.6L 32-valve motor like the one I have in my Mark VIII. Crazy! But in a good way.

This replica Mercedez-Benz 500K from 1934 also won a trophy. Photo: Michael Bellamy for Automoblog.net.

Grand theft Auto

J'ai également eu une longue conversation avec le propriétaire d'une Porsche 968. Il pense qu'à un moment donné de son existence, la voiture avait été volée. Il a découvert par son mécanicien que la peinture blanche était correcte, mais d'après le numéro de série, l'intérieur devrait être gris. C'est noir. Non seulement cela, une partie de la cabine intérieure est composée de 944 pièces. Il a payé pour la foire et la place de la voiture et a supposé que le propriétaire d'origine devait avoir été indemnisé par la compagnie d'assurance. D'une manière ou d'une autre, la voiture est revenue dans la circulation "légale" et il l'a achetée.Memory Lane : mille coups

A few days before the event, he was at the Porsche dealership for an oil drain and while he was waiting, had a chance to sit in a 911 GT3 exposed in the exhibition room. He was upset. I jokingly thought that most people would have to rob a few banks in order to be able to afford a car like this.

The 1993 Porsche 968 won a trophy at the Hawkesbury car Club. Photo: Michael Bellamy for Automoblog.net.

Réminiscences & Reconnaissance

The attendant was wearing a uniform. BP Oil finally bought Supertest.

As a picture is also worth a thousand words, I will share the gallery below. I would be remiss if I didn't express my gratitude to Carl Anthony, editor-in-chief here at Automoblog. He's the one who set up the memory Lane series and did a fantastic job. And a big thank you to clubs, like the Hawkesbury car Club. Clubs like this one around the world are largely responsible, through their members, for maintaining interest in old (and new) cars.

Enjoy the photos!

Michael Bellamy is the author of our series memory Lane, a collection of works that examines our unique relationships with automobiles. Bellamy has held a number of interesting jobs over the years, including helicopter pilot and chauffeur for senior politicians. He likes to drive his Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 1997 and Dodge Dakota 2003.

Hawkesbury car Club show Gallery

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