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Letter from the United Kingdom: negative views on SUVs

nicad 19/05/2022 295

Le SUV d'aujourd'hui n'est-il qu'une vanille ordinaire?Lettre du Royaume-Uni : Opinions négatives sur les SUV

Are they as capable as they claim they are? Or is it just smart marketing?

The founder of driveWrite Automotive Magazine, Geoff Maxted, with a perspective.

Throughout his life, this writer has always tried to remain positive and optimistic and to take every day as he comes. But these days, I find that, now that the novelty has faded, the sight of an SUV frankly causes these negative waves of boredom. The original idea of the "sport utility vehicle" is good. I Don't have a problem with that. It's the other things I care about.

Let me explain.

The ideology of the SUV

Lemmings to the rescue

Gimmicks marketing

The British car buyer

Imminent thunderstorm

The ideology of the SUV

Most of the time, when the term was first invented, the cars so named were strong off-road specialists; they were there to do a job. "Sport" because they served the surfing community as well as the brotherhood of hunting. And "vehicle" because that's what they are.

No, not now. And they conquered the world.

Les Lemmings to the rescue

Today, there are SUVs that Don't count. They are like herds of look-alike bison sweeping the plains, or lemmings, lining up to rush from a cliff into a form of collective automobile extinction. Each manufacturer has several in its product catalogue. Audi, for example, has its "Q" range.

Ils sont l'équivalent automobile des poupées russes.Lettre du Royaume-Uni : Opinions négatives sur les SUV

The same is true for many other brands in the United States and Europe. This writer regularly tests cars on the road, but more and more, my list of press vehicles increasingly excludes these types of vehicles, mainly because they do not do what they claim to do.

Gimmicks marketing

There will always be a compromise, but in general, that was the original intention. Unfortunately, manufacturers have seen the potential for sale and have started manufacturing, efficiently, off-road vehicles. After a while, they practically abandoned the original concept and instead produced large, imposing cars with only modest aerodynamic properties and an increased thirst for fuel.

Now we have what we call a crossover. What's wrong with you? What exactly is it? Don't worry, I'll tell you anyway; a crossover is a marketing exercise. He tells the public that these vehicles are something they are not. These are small city cars dressed in the king's new clothes. Don't look for the substance, there's no substance.

The British car buyer

It's hot to see the continued popularity of the F-150 and trucks in general in America. Unfortunately, this is not the case here in the United Kingdom. I tried, really I did, to convince the readers of my blog that vans are the ideal family vehicle. They can work and have fun and they're not afraid of mud.

It is fair to say that there is some interest in large trucks. It is also fair to say that there are a handful of SUVs that match the bill. However, for most car buyers, SUV / crossover sophistry continues to suck them into the wormhole of the mediocre "global" car. The world of shared platform, shared components, shared technology, "make the accountants happy", benefits first and foremost the car manufacturer and the boy, is boring.

2018 Ford F-150. Photo: Ford Motor Company.

Username = "Automoblog"]

Imminent thunderstorm

In the meantime, following the saga of the Brexit, we arrive at the end of the days. The British general public is very agitated.

One of the binding questions is, of course, what happens to industries that operate in a compatible and free manner in the United Kingdom and in the EU? The automotive industry is one of the main players here, both of which are huge markets for automobiles. At first glance, nothing will change if our sneaky Prime Minister succeeds, but what if he did?

What happens if cross-border trade becomes too difficult? The cars and components are manufactured here and shipped to Europe and vice versa. Perhaps we will once again have to resurrect our own automobile industry and bring back some famous old names from the past. British cars for the British. Let's just hope they're not SUVs.

Geoff Maxted is an automobile writer, photographer and author of our series "letters from Great Britain". Follow his work on Twitter: @ DriveWrite

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