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Denso Iridium TT spark plugs focus on all-around performance (also: $16 in-house discount!)

nicad 07/01/2022 607

Over the years, I've come across many car enthusiasts who like to get their hands dirty under the hood. For them, performance is the most important aspect of the game, not just speed, but the combination of economy and power. Believe it or not, a key element that is often overlooked in the performance equation is the right spark plug.

If you've browsed your local auto parts store, you've seen the full line of Denso spark plugs. You may have purchased them before or recommended them to a friend. Recently, Denso introduced a novelty; something that has undergone rigorous testing and creative thinking. When it comes to the prized possession in your garage, Denso's Iridium TT Spark Plugs might be right up your alley.


Take away



Denso scientists wanted the world's most durable alloy for Iridium TT spark plugs, so they invented an Iridium/Rhodium combination. Iridium is the metal best known for its resistance to corrosion, while rhodium is inert against the harshest chemicals and corrosion. The combination of these two elements better resists oxidation and stress, allowing Iridium TT spark plugs to outperform traditional spark plugs, especially in the most severe engine temperatures and conditions.

Another exclusive technology is available at 360 degrees. laser welding process. It is used to make the dual tip spark plug with the world's smallest diameter center electrode and anti-fouling characteristics. Such features reduce heat while maximizing ignition potential and improving combustion.

No matter what you drive, Denso Iridium TT spark plugs are designed to deliver superior performance in the most extreme conditions.

Take away

That's pretty hard to think about when looking for a spark plug. However, I always focus on the quality aspect when recommending auto parts to my friends. Considering things like how the parts are developed, what innovations they feature, and how could those innovations benefit vehicle performance? The key takeaway here is the specialized technology used by Denso for its Iridium TT spark plugs.

Denso Iridium TT spark plugs focus on the whole performance package: more horsepower and torque, better acceleration, faster starts, smoother idle, increased fuel economy, lower emissions and increased longevity.


Here's my suggestion: Denso is offering up to $16 off Iridium TT spark plugs through March 31, 2016, through national retailers. Find your nearest dealer here: http://DENSOautoparts.com/where-to-buy You can save a little money while letting the Iridium TT spark plug and its advanced technology work for you.

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