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Girls like everything mini

nicad 30/04/2022 241

I asked my Facebook friends this question a few days ago: "If we judge by their car Les filles aiment tout mini

a date by their car

(but I know we don't, that's the real personality) what would you watch first? Make/model? (If so, what tops the list?) Cleanliness? Age? Color? Cut? Speed? What's a girl going on her main car?" I thought it would be a relevant topic, but was quickly educated by my friends.

Many of them noticed that maintenance was at the top of the list of desirable qualities in cars. No woman wants to ride in a BMW that won't carry her past the end of the block. Then there was the make/model of the car, followed by the speed potential of the trip. I haven't found any women looking for practicality in a car, at least not my friends.

Unfortunately, however, the misnomer is present that female drivers want 4-door automatics that can handle lots of luggage and passengers at every stage of their lives. This may be true for some families. as they start to grow, but it's not necessary to assume that every woman needs or even wants a van. Maybe most women don't realize there's more to life than vans and SUVs when babies arrive. Women represent 51% of the car buying decision power in a relationship, so we are a force to be reckoned with. Les filles aiment tout mini

An AutoGuide.com article stated that a study examining women's car purchases in 2010 found that women valued practicality and fuel economy over looks and speed. The study showed that 47.9% of women bought Minis. Now I don't know if the people studying sales or the lady writing the article has ever been in a Mini but practice isn't the first thing I think of is speed , agility and aggression. Think Charlize Theron in The Italian Job.

The first Minis took the industry by surprise in 1959 with a subcompact capable of comfortably carrying 4 adults without sacrificing power or handling, although at first many young consumers would see how many people could actually fit into the car. spacious interior. Designer Alec Issigonis moved the wheels to the edges of the body and turned the engine to the side, creating a roomier cockpit than some of the most popular cars of the time. In 1961, British motor racing legend John Cooper took one of the Minis and created the Mini Cooper 997, a rally car for the history books. By 1977, the Mini had generated over 4 million sales worldwide, but was forced out of the United States due to strict emissions regulations. Luckily for us ladies, the Mini got a makeover in the 90s and reappeared in 2002 on the US market. The Mini received the 2003 Car of the Year award and sells nearly 2 million units a year.

With six body styles to meet this practicality assumption, the Mini's power range starts at 121 hp for the base Cooper, then up to 181 hp for the Cooper-S and up to 208 hp for the John. CooperWorks. This means that with the 1.6L 4-cylinder power plant, 47.9% of cost-conscious women went from 0-60 in 8.4 seconds if they chose the moderately priced MSRP entry model. of $20,000. I doubt many women start with the base model, we're a bit fancy when picking things out, so I think a lot of mums, like me, would fall in love with the John Cooper Convertible. At just $35,000 MSRP we can haul the old man, two carpet rats and all their football gear with the top down at a top speed of 146 mph because everyone knows we're always late for something . The 208-hp twin-scroll turbocharged engine can zip groceries from 0-60 in 6.6 seconds without breaking a sweat. Now use your handy leading checkers.

If the convertible isn't your style, they supply the club folks. This 4-door Mini (2 full-size front doors, 1 mini rear door and fully open cargo door) Mini has at least 9.2 cubic feet of storage space with the rear seats up and 32.8 cubic feet when the seats are up. back are down, While maintaining the traditional bulldog posture, keep the exterior just 6 feet 3 inches wide and under 13 feet long. Still not big enough (like most things in our lives)? Then upgrade to a 5-door Countryman. At 13.48 feet, it can hold up to 41.3 cubic feet of our stuff, which is actually other people's stuff, but we can drag it around. We don't mind, because every Mini model is fast, sleek, and what else... Oh, yes, practical, fuel-efficient, and economical, that's everything a girl wants in her car.

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