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Ford maintenance costs: how much will you pay? (2021)

nicad 22/09/2021 1467

Among 32 car brands, RepairPal ranks Ford's reliability 21st.

Ford maintenance costs are above the industry average of $652.

Drivers can use extended car warranties and prepaid maintenance plans to save on Ford ownership costs.

Many drivers praise Ford vehicles for their toughness and versatility. However, your annual Ford maintenance cost will be higher than the industry average, so it's a good idea to be prepared in advance.

In this article, we'll discuss the true cost of owning a Ford, manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules, and Ford's Prepaid Maintenance Plan. For drivers looking to save, an extended warranty can reduce ownership costs over time and keep your car budget predictable. We've reviewed the best car warranty extension companies and will recommend a few industry-leading providers.

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Average Ford Maintenance Cost

What determines Ford maintenance costs?

Ford Prepaid Maintenance Plan

Can a Car Warranty Lower Your Ford Maintenance Costs?

Ford Extended Warranty

Warranty extension from a third-party supplier

Top Recommendations for Automobile Warranty Extensions

< p>Stamina:Best Overall

CARCHEX: Best for Used Cars

Protecting My Car: Best Maintenance Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Ford Average Maintenance Cost

According to RepairPal, Ford drivers pay an average of $775 per year for routine maintenance and unexpected repair costs. This cost is above the industry average of $652 per year and reflects Ford's average reliability ratings and increased chance of serious repairs. However, Ford maintenance costs also vary by vehicle model, age, and mileage.

Here is a maintenance cost comparison between some popular Ford models:

Model Ford

Ford Average Annual Maintenance Cost*

Ford Fusion


Ford Escape


Ford Ranger< /p>




Ford Explorer


Ford F-150


Ford Expedition


*RepairPal data.

Compared to other brands commuters, Ford vehicles are expensive to maintain. Kia vehicles cost an average of only $474 for annual repairs and maintenance. Similarly, Hondas cost $428 per year.

What determines Ford's maintenance costs?

What you pay for Ford maintenance costs is affected by several factors. Scheduled maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, is predictable. Repairs are less predictable, but they're included in the overall cost of owning a Ford.

According to RepairPal, Ford owners commonly report the following issues:

Ignition bursts

Power Amplification Problems

Harsh automatic shifting

RepairPal gives Ford a 3.5 out of 5.0 star rating for reliability, ranking 21st out of 32 brands. Ford vehicles require repairs slightly more often than average. Ford drivers are also more likely to experience a serious repair than drivers of other brands.

Ford's maintenance schedule follows 10,000 mile periods. Below is a sample maintenance schedule for a 2019 Ford Fiesta, according to World Ford Pensacola. For a maintenance schedule specific to your Ford model, you can consult your owner's manual or the Ford website.

Maintenance interval

Maintenance item

Every 10,000 miles< /p>

Changing engine oil and oil filter, rotating tires and inspecting various systems

Every 20,000 miles

Replacing the cabin air filter

Every 30,000 miles

Replacing the engine air filter

At 100,000 miles

Replacement of engine coolant and spark plugs

At 100,000 miles and every 20,000 miles thereafter

Drive belt replacement

At 150,000 miles

Replacement of transmission fluid, accessory drive belts and timing belt

After 150,000 miles, it's a good idea to continue with 10,000 mile services. Your mechanic will tell you when to replace specific components.

Ford Prepaid Maintenance Plan

The Ford Protect Premium maintenance plan covers oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections. Ford's maintenance plan also covers wear items such as clutch plates, brake pad linings, spark plugs, engine belts and coolant hoses. The plan is transferable to secondary purchasers, but for a nominal fee.

The Ford maintenance plan can last up to eight years or 150,000 miles, which is long for maintenance programs. In a quote we received for a 2019 Ford Escape SEL with around 20,000 miles, the total cost was $2,590 for a 150,000-mile plan that covered services every 10,000 miles.

The advantage of a prepaid program like Ford Maintenance is predictability – your service costs are locked in for the duration of the contract. This saves you from paying more when prices for services increase later. However, since the plan includes dealer pricing, you can save money by visiting independent repair shops instead.

Ford Maintenance Plan Benefits

Disadvantages of the Ford maintenance plan

Covers standard maintenance and certain wear items

May be more expensive than visiting third-party stores

Covers up to 150,000 miles

Valid only at Ford dealerships

Transferable to secondary purchasers

Can an auto warranty reduce your Ford maintenance costs?

You can use an auto warranty extension to reduce Ford ownership costs over time. An extended warranty can cover a range of repairs after mechanical breakdowns, many of which can cost over $1,000. Instead of paying out of pocket for a covered repair, the extended warranty plan pays the bill, and you only pay a deductible and a one-time or monthly contract payment. Additionally, some extended warranty companies offer maintenance contracts for regular services.

Having an extended car warranty can give you peace of mind, spread the cost of repairs over time, and help you maintain a consistent car budget. . Extended warranty coverage may also pay more in repairs than its original cost.

Ford Extended Warranty

The Ford Extended Warranty can cover vehicles for up to eight years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. The automaker offers four coverage plans, but they're only accepted at Ford dealerships. You can opt for a third-party warranty extension if you want more flexibility.

Warranty extension from a third-party supplier

Highly rated third-party providers allow you to go to any authorized repair shop for coverage. And since these providers have more competition, they can offer lower warranty prices overall. Third-party plans can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than dealer extended warranties.

Additionally, warranty companies' plans can last much longer than Ford's coverage. Different plans can cover up to 250,000 miles or vehicles up to 20 years old. If you maintain your Ford regularly, chances are your vehicle will last just as long.

Top Recommendations for Extended Car Warranties

To reduce Ford maintenance costs, it is important to find the right price on an extended car warranty. Contract prices depend on the vehicle, so it is best to compare quotes from several suppliers. Endurance, CARCHEX and Protect My Car are three reputable car warranty extension companies that we recommend.

Stamina: best overall

Endurance has an excellent reputation, offers many coverage options and provides some of the best benefits in the industry. Overall, we named the vendor the best overall for extended warranty coverage.

With Endurance, you can get six different coverage options ranging from bumper-to-bumper plans to basic powertrain coverage. One of these options is EnduranceAdvantage

TM, which combines maintenance and repair coverage. A plan like this ensures you're covered against common Ford maintenance costs and mechanical breakdowns.

Learn more about our top pick in our Endurance Warranty review and get a free, personalized quote below.

< p>Best General

Get a quote

(866) 990-3410

An industry veteran who manages your plan directly, from quote to claim

< p>CARCHEX: Ideal for used cars

CARCHEX is another great option for extended warranty coverage. It's the best choice for older vehicles because its five plans can extend up to 250,000 miles, which is enough coverage for a Ford. Industry leaders such as Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.com and CARFAX also endorse the provider.

Find out more in our CARCHEX review and get a free CARCHEX quote by clicking below.

Best for used cars

Get a quote

(866) 950-7122

Top provider with unparalleled customer service and affordable coverage

< p>Protect My Car: Best Maintenance Benefits

Protect My Car is another extended warranty company that sells both vehicle service contracts and maintenance coverage. Unlike Endurance, these two offers are separate. You can choose from three extended warranty plans as well as three Ambassador maintenance plans to cover regularly scheduled maintenance. Protect My Car offers long payment terms of up to 48 months for warranty contracts, making it easy to find affordable coverage.

Find out more in our Protect My Car review and get a free Protect My Car quote below.

Better maintenance benefits

Get a quote

(888) 430-0227

Its Ambassador maintenance plan guarantees 25-50% reduction in covered repairs and oil changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ford Explorers expensive to maintain?

Yes, Ford Explorers are expensive to maintain. According to RepairPal, drivers pay an average of $732 for annual maintenance and repairs. The average for all vehicles is $652 per year, and the average for midsize SUVs is $573.

Are Ford cars cheap to maintain?

No, Ford vehicles are not considered cheap to maintain. . They're not the most expensive cars to maintain on the market, but Ford maintenance costs more than the industry average.

How much does Ford factory service cost?

According to RepairPal, the cost of 10,000 miles of service provided by Ford dealerships ranges between $170 and $201. However, prices can vary, so you may find a lower price at a reseller.

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