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5 steps to keep your car clean during the coronavirus epidemic

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Suivez ces cinq conseils simples pour garder votre voiture propre pendant l'épidémie de coronavirus.5 étapes pour garder votre voiture propre pendant l'épidémie de coronavirus

With the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, many disinfect everything with which they come into contact.In addition to household items and devices, don't forget your car and unknown germs that you could bring and out.It is important to correctly disinfect the most frequently affected parts of your car.However, your interior is made up of a number of materials that must be treated differently.

Before going too far, let me start by sharing that, as a better practice at all levels, I always recommend referring to cleaning standards established by the centers for disease control (CDC) and EPA.These are good directives to follow and will help you keep your car clean during the coronavirus epidemic.

Cleaning and disinfection

Step1: Select the right products

Step2: Paccurator at the bottom

Step3: Consider what you touch the most

Step4: Keep your hands clean

Step 5: Limit your trips if possible

More information on the coronavirus epidemic

Cleaning and disinfection

Like door handles, counters, smartphones and everything you touch, it is important to clean and disinfect the interior of your car.According to the CDC, cleaning eliminates dirt, germs and other impurities (rather than killing them) and reduces the risk of propagation of infections by reducing the number of germs on a given surface.Disinfection kills germs on surfaces and is a very necessary step when you try to avoid the spread of the disease, especially during the coronavirus epidemic.

Heureusement, nettoyer et désinfecter correctement votre voiture n'est pas très compliqué et , en quelques étapes clés, vous pouvez faire de votre mieux pour réduire considérablement toutes les menaces en un rien de temps!5 étapes pour garder votre voiture propre pendant l'épidémie de coronavirus

Follow these five simple tips to help keep your car clean during the coronavirus epidemic.

< p>Étape1:Sélectionnez les bons produits

Consult the list of EPA of registered disinfectants who meet the criteria of the coronavirus epidemic.Ideally, you want a cleanser or disinfectant approved by the EPA which is also suitable to treat each type of material found inside your vehicle.Yes, this can mean using more than one product!

Although combined cleaners can cover several or several areas, any car lover will tell you that it is best to use specially designed cleaners.It is the best way to protect and preserve your interior.You don't want to ruin your interior while you are cleaning and disinfecting.For a quick reference, see the directives below:

For all interiors: at all levels, always try to avoid all solvents, including acetone, alcohol and kerosene.They can be very hard and are not suitable for delicate interior materials of your car.

For vinyl and synthetic interiors: they are both easy to disinfect because they absorb nothing.But, as always, avoid using cleaners containing alcohol or bleach.Be very careful with plastic compounds, which are frequently used in door panels, dashboards and consoles.These guys are particularly vulnerable to alcohol-based cleaners that can soften and discolor them.

For leather interiors: if you choose to use an alcohol or detergent cleaner on the interior panels or leather seats, it is useful to apply a leather revitalizing to restore humidity so that yourleather does not dry out.Some kits, such as that of Chemical Guys, contain both the cleanser and the leather revitalizing.

Use the accessories for your vacuum cleaner to "pass between the mesh of the net".

Step2: Paccurator at the bottom

Spend time penetrating the difficult, narrow and small areas of your vehicle.Look for areas that often accumulate the most dirt, debris and dust.Getting rid of these things will make the cleaning and disinfection of your car from your car much more effective.Another useful tip: if your vacuum cleaner has several accessories, use them to really access these deep crevices.

You also don't need to drag your home vacuum cleaner in the garage.There are portable devices, such as the Hotor car vacuum cleaner, which are more portable and easier to use.

Step3: Consider what you touch the most

Donnez votre boucle de ceinture de sécurité, pommeau de levier de vitesses, toutes les poignées de porte, le volant et le tableau de bord contrôlent un essuyage généreux avec des produits antibactériens. Pour les écrans tactiles (un autre point de contact élevé !), vous devez faire attention à l'excès d'humidité, qui peut endommager les composants électroniques. Utilisez un chiffon en microfibre conçu pour les écrans et vaporisez du désinfectant sur le chiffon, plutôt que directement sur l'écran pour plus de contrôle.5 étapes pour garder votre voiture propre pendant l'épidémie de coronavirus

If you are not sure of the reaction of specific surfaces to more aggressive cleaners and disinfectants, test the product first on the less visible areas before performing more in -depth cleaning.This can take more time, but it will save you unjustified trips to the store and unnecessary expenses!

The gear lever is one of the most frequently affected car parts.During the coronavirus epidemic, be sure to wipe it, as well as other frequently affected areas, inside your car.

Step4: Keep your hands clean

Especially during this period, it is crucial to disinfect the whole environment and practice good daily hygiene to reduce the spread of germs.When you enter and get out of your vehicle, apply a hand disinfectant when you can.

Step 5: Limit your trips if possible

When shopping, limit the number of stops you make, which will also reduce the frequency to which you will have to clean your interior.If you are using a car -sharing service, it may be wise to take disinfectant wipes with you and check everything before taking off.

If in doubt, find out with the CDC for the latest directives concerning the Coronavirus epidemic.Although it may seem obvious and exaggerated, avoid touching your face and try to keep in mind all the best practices you can adopt to keep yourself and those around you in as good health as possible.

Richard Reina is the director of product training for Carid.com, and the resident expert in Automoblog on the old and collection market.He likes to restore and drive old cars with a particular love for all that is Italian.Richard is also passionate about music and is a big fan of the Beatles.

More information on the coronavirus epidemic

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: measures to avoid infection.

Of the World Health Organization: Understanding the coronavirus.

From our original state of Michigan: recommendations from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (PDF).

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