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4 Weird But Effective Celebrity Car Mentions

nicad 06/05/2022 263

With LeBron James endorsing the Kia K900 news has spread farther than most celebrity car endorsements, now is a good time to discuss the odd celebrity car partnership. This stems from the brand's desire to capture celebrities to achieve the “cool association” effect. (Yes, they actually do.)

While brands like Jaguar and Ford have done a great job of partnering with celebrities who really identify with the brand and a particular marketing campaign, others are struggling to find one that people can really relate to. fall behind.

The following cars didn't do a great job of matching the celebrity and the car; however, they kept us entertained and capitalized on the popularity of their celebrity sponsors.

Charlie Sheen for Fiat 500 Abarth

Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson for Dodge Dart

Will.i.am for Lexus NX

Ron Burgundy for Dodge Durango

4 mentions de voitures de célébrités étranges mais efficaces

Charlie Sheen for Fiat 500 Abarth

We all know that Charlie Sheen went small nuts a few years ago. It had been a long time coming, but it was still one of the biggest media spectacles involving a celebrity.

Out of all his madness, however, was born a brilliant partnership with Fiat to promote the Fiat 500 Abarth. This included a few commercials, one of which was deemed too "hot" for the Super Bowl, and product placement on Sheen's FX television show, Anger Management.

The rejected Super Bowl ad was actually really entertaining, and it's true that greatness comes from Fiat highlighting the Abarth's manual transmission throughout.

Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson for Dodge Dart

There aren't many ways to do a hilarious car commercial, but Dodge managed to do it with commercials for the Dart, featuring The Office's Craig Robinson and New Girl's Jake Johnson.

In this campaign, the overprotective Craig Robinson has to watch out for a Jake Johnson, who wants nothing more than to touch Craig's brand new Dart. Thanks to the humor of these two celebrities, Dodge has racked up millions of views on his YouTube channel.

Will.i.am for Lexus NX

Personally, I think the new Lexus NX is one of the most beautiful crossovers ever released. And as someone who thinks crossovers are the worst thing to happen to the auto industry since the Pinto, that's saying a lot. The aggressive styling that Lexus has recently adopted for most of its upcoming lineup helps the NX stand out in a market filled with mediocre and bland SUVs.

As part of its marketing efforts with the NX, Lexus partnered with musician William. Like all the partnerships on this list, you immediately think this is weird. And more than any other on this list, this one is. Do not believe me ? Watch the video below:

Ron Burgundy for Dodge Durango

Despite the fact that Ron Burgundy isn't real, Will Ferrell's incredible embodiment of the character has allowed him to endorse products like Burgundy is an actual celebrity. In commercials for the Dodge Durango, Burgundy battles ballroom dancers, falls asleep at the wheel, and tries to give away free cars.

What boils down to non-marketing marketing methods is truly amazing, and perhaps a big reason for Durango's sales surge over the past year.

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