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TOYOTA C-HR 2020 test: How is it and should you buy it?

nicad 06/08/2022 173

Toyota C-HR 2020

In our opinion:

The C-HR 2020 is built on the C platform of the new global architecture (TNGA) of Toyota.The driving is soft and the maneuverability is clear, but the amount of noise of the engine inside can discourage buyers.The C-HR looks net outside, but drivers may have the impression of paying the price when they face the dead angles.Although there are qualities of buyout, the Toyota C-HR 2020 is probably not our first choice in a segment rich in options.

Exterior style


Interior arrangement


Driving dynamic


Sécurité & Caractéristiques techniques


Everyday features





Ride & Tenue de route


Noisy cabin

Engine power

No AWD option


< p>La catégorie des VUS sous-compacts offre un certain nombre d'options aux acheteurs, mais le Toyota C-HR 2020 offre un design plus audacieux pour ceux qui veulent se faire remarquer. Cette semaine, nous avons attiré l'attention de nombreux conducteurs alors que nous dévalions les rues de Denver. C'est peut-être aussi la peinture "Hot Lava" (orange vif) qui nous a aussi beaucoup attiré l'attention. Quoi qu'il en soit, le C-HR se démarque de la concurrence.

This week, we had the chance to discover a high-end Toyota C-HR Limited.We have examined, among other things, driving dynamics, inner comfort and loading capacities.

Toyota C-HR: What's new for 2020?

Caractéristiques & Options: Un mélange sain

How much does the Toyota C-HR 2020 cost?

Strengths of the interior: elegant and;Comfortable

Strengths of the interior: rear and AMP seats;Loading capacity

Engine and amp;Powertrain

Is the Toyota C-HR 2020 the full traction?

Toyota C-HR 2020 fuel consumption

How does the Toyota C-2020 HR drive work?

Driving dynamic: bruit et amp; Problèmes de visibilité

Conclusion: Nice but shopping

Toyota C-HR: What's new for 2020?

The Toyota C-HR obtains a revised design front, Android Auto is now available, and LED headlights and satellite radio are now standard on all versions.The new outdoor colors for 2020 include Hot Lava and the above -mentioned Supersonic Red.There is also an option for a silver roof for 2020.

The Toyota C-HR 2020 is available in three finish levels: Le, Xle and Limited.

Caractéristiques & Options: Un mélange sain

Our Toyota C-HR Limited 2020 tester ($ 2,6350) was delivered as standard with adaptive LED headlights;fog lights;leather upholstery;heated front seats;Automatic air conditioning with two zones;and lumbar with bidirectional electrical adjustment for the driver's seat.Our tester also had heated mirrors;a rear fin;remote waterfoliation;adjustable driving modes;60/40 folding rear seats;a luggage cover;and a rear view camera.

Essai du Toyota C-HR 2020 : comment se situe-t-il et devriez-vous l'acheter ?

Technical features include a Bluetooth phone and continuous audio diffusion;a USB port and a Wi-Fi access point;Apple Carplay and Android Auto;Integration of Amazon Alexa;and a six-speaker audio system with Satellite radio.The C-HR is standard with an eight-inch touch screen and a three-month trial with unlimited access to Siriusxm.

Several advanced safety and convenience functions were also standard on our C-HR Limited.They included automatic road lights, an adaptive cruise control, support for track maintenance and a front collision warning with automatic emergency braking.Finally, our C-HR tester was delivered with an optional infotainment system which added an HD radio ($ 465) and a two-color paint.

Toyota C-HR 2020.

How much does the Toyota C-HR 2020 cost?

PDSF Total, including destination costs of $ 1095, for our Toyota Toyota C-HR Limited 2020 test vehicle: $ 2,8435.By way of comparison, the Toyota C-HR 2020 begins at $ 21295.

The new C-HR is an affordable vehicle overall.However, depending on local incentives, you may save a little more.This free and easy search tool* will show you which resellers near you offer the best price.

Points forts de l'intérieur : Élégant & Confortable

The CH-R Limited cabin is more pleasant than the lower versions, and for the price, we would prefer the Limited to the Xle or the.With heating leather, eight -track electric settings for the driver's seat, an elegant dashboard and matching black seams, the interior offers a good mixture of comfort and style.The front seats are even comfortable for drivers and large passengers.We had no problem finding a good cruise position with the additional seat settings either.

The central control box with the eight -inch touch screen is called "Mezone".It comes with many easy -to -use commands and buttons that have not frustrated us.In addition to Mezone's connectivity features, the cabin will appeal to a younger buyer with its attractive shapes and its modern style.

We also appreciated the 4.2 -inch color screen just in front of the driver.It displays a number of different things such as outside temperature, information on the journey, the history of fuel consumption and the driving mode in which you are currently being.There is even a force monitor G.

Toyota C-HR G- 2020 Display of Force.

Strengths of the interior: rear and AMP seats;Loading capacity

Unlike many small SUVs that are only suitable for two adults, three can actually hold on the back for short escapades if necessary.The rear passengers are also seated a little higher, which means a more comfortable position with an additional space for the feet.During a longer trip, passengers at the rear can be cramped, but in town, it is manageable.

The loading volume is 19.1 cubic feet with the back seat back, reaching 37 cubic feet once folded.The seats fold flat to form a practical loading floor.It was perfect because we wrapped bags during a grocery store earlier this week.

Moteur & Groupe motopropulseur

The Toyota C-HR 2020 is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder producing 144 horsepower and 139 LB-PI.couple.It is associated with an automatic transmission with continuous variation with sport, normal and eco modes.

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Is the Toyota C-2020 HR all-wheel drive?

Unfortunately, all-wheel drive is not available on the C-HR 2020.

Toyota C-HR 2020 under the hood.

Toyota C-HR 2020 fuel consumption

The C-HR obtains an EPA estimate of 27/31 City/Highway and 29 combined.Eco mode can be used during city driving to save fuel.

Compared to other similar vehicles, the C-HR is not the worst in terms of fuel economy, nor the best.If the fuel economy is one of your main priorities, we recommend that you go around and make in -depth comparisons.

How does the Toyota C-HR 2020 run?

For urban trips and daily driving, the C-HR has adequate power and acceleration.We led him through Denver, but the altitude finally had an impact on the 144 horsepower engine.We went up the i-70 west of Denver where he had trouble keeping the pace while we were pushing up to 8,300 feet above sea level.

Although this is not a typical driving environment for most people, the C-HR can sound as if it worked sometimes hard.If you live at sea level, the small SUV should have enough power, but you might feel it climb a hill with a full load of passengers and goods.Otherwise, the C-HR offers an outfit and a dynamic of respectable curve, even in the tight turns of the mountains leading to our house.

The exterior style caused us visibility problems on the road.

< p>Driving dynamic: bruit et amp; Problèmes de visibilité

Driving on the highway is soft, but we thought that engine noise in the cabin was omnipresent while the automatic CVT made its long speed changes.We kept the transmission in normal most of the week, but we went to sport if we were to exceed a slower traffic.But it only made things noisier inside.

Visibility at the rear and on the sides is difficult due to the daring exterior design.Things can become difficult when you try to change your track in dense circulation.

Fortunately, we had dry roads this week and the front traction configuration worked well during our trips through Denver.If we had had snow, however, the C-HR could have left us in the harbor given the place where we live.We would like to see the C-HR proposed with the full traction in the future.

Conclusion: nice but shopping

The Toyota C-HR 2020 is a look and will attract young buyers with its daring exterior style.If you do not need a lot of power and you do not regularly transport a lot of goods, the C-HR is a good choice.If you live in a cold climate and want the peace of mind that all -wheel drive can offer you, there are other vehicles better suited for you on the market.

Denis Flierl has invested more than 25 years in the automotive industry in a variety of roles.All his first -hand criticisms are archived on our road test page.Follow Denis on Twitter: @CarREVIEWGUY

Photos: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

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