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Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 test: when nature calls you

nicad 02/08/2022 110

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020

In our editorial opinion:

The 4Runner TRD Pro is intended for a specific customer who wishes a specific look and a specific set of capacities (off -road in this case).It is not necessarily a good or a bad thing.Just something to know when buying the 4Runner range.To crisscross the trails and make a serious all-terrain, the pro TRD is your ticket.Otherwise, we suggest either the Premium or Limited version.They always have the 4x4 capacity, but are a little more docile than the pro TRD.

Exterior style


Interior design


Driving dynamic


Sécurité & Caractéristiques techniques


Everyday features



Safety technology

Loading space

Off -road capacity


Noisy cabin

Dated design

Fuel economy


The Toyota 4Runner takes time and needs a complete renovation.But even if the SUV has not changed much, it benefits from new advanced safety features, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and some other technological goodies for buyers in 2020.Despite its age, the 4runner is always the best family carrier for active customers who want something a little more damaged for out -of -road excursions.And the 4runner TRD Pro goes to the upper level.

This week, we led the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020.

Toyota 4Runner: What's new for 2020?

Caractéristiques & Options: Pour le pro du tout-terrain

How much is the Toyota 4Runner 2020?

Highlights of the interior: simple and;Own

Highlights of the interior: Relaxing on the back

Toyota 4Runner 2020: engine and AMP;Powertrain

How does the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro lead?

Driving dynamic:Petit timide & Bruyant

Conclusion: good for what it is

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 gallery

Toyota 4Runner: What's new for 2020?

The Toyota 4Runner benefits from new advanced aids to the safety of the driver (Toyota's Safety Sense P).From standard on each 4runner, the whole includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection;Way output alert with swing warning system;Automatic highlights;and high -speed dynamic radar cruise control.

The new infotainment system with its eight -inch touch screen now includes Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa.Rear passengers receive two additional USB ports.

The novelty 2020 is the 4runner Venture Edition, perfect for weekend escapades in the highlands.The standard characteristics include a standard Yakima Megawarrior roof gallery, all seasons floor mats and 17 -inch bronze -colored wheels.

Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition 2020.

Essai du Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 : quand la nature vous appelle

Characteristics and AMP;Options: for the pro all-terrain

Our Toyota 4Runner TRD Protter 2020 ($ 4,9765) was delivered as standard with protective plates, fog lights, 120 volts outlets in the loading space and an electrically sliding rear telescope.The TRD Pro adds a lockable rear differential, multi-terrain select all-terrain settings, a rail control function and a towing receiver.

The TRD PRO is intended for serious adventurers and is delivered with STRIP STRECTS, 2.5 -inch fox front shock absorbers and 2.5 -inch FOX internal diversion fox shock absorbers with bunk tanks.Nitto Terra Grappler tires, a single grille, accents of black bumpers and a TRD gear lever knob are also standard.It also benefits from electric and heated front seats, a JBL audio system at 15 speakers and many TRD Pro accents inside and outside.

The options of our TRD Pro tester include steps, a sliding rear loading bridge, a loading separator, and loading cover.

How much is the Toyota 4Runner 2020?

Total pdsf, including the destination, for our TRD PRO tester: 52147.By way of comparison, the Toyota 4Runner 2020 starts at $ 36,120 in the SR5 version.The TRD Pro starts at $ 4,9865.

If you are considering a new 4runner, this free and simple search tool* will help you find the best price.Depending on local incentives and stocks in your region, you may be able to buy a PDSF lower than the PDSF.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020.

Points forts de l'intérieur: Simple & Propre

With the 4runner and its higher box height, you may want to opt for the steps, especially if you have smaller children or family members.However, you will have a breathtaking view from the driver's seat and additional comfort such as heating front seats.Soft-tex fabric facilitates cleaning when you go home off the trails.You will also benefit from superior quality sound thanks to the Improved JBL system at 15 speakers, navigation, start button and electrically sliding bezel and sliding bezel.

The entirely black interior of our tester was simple and refined., with easy -to -use commands.All-terrain control functions are positioned above the head, so the central console is clean with a lot of usable storage space.There is not a lot of chrome and bling because it is simply not the style of 4runner.

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Highlights of the interior: Relaxing on the back

The second row seats fall flat and bow to 16 degrees to offer rear passengers additional comfort during long journeys.Passengers have a lot of leg space and can stretch and enjoy the landscape.There is a large loading space behind the seats in the second row for campsite, fishing or hunting equipment, but if you need more space, the rear seats fold flat.The sliding rear loading bridge with storage under the floor is ideal for changing dirty boots and putting out the sockets of the day.

The sliding rear loading bridge and the separator will prevent the objects on the back from sliding and getting a damn.A nice optional touch that costs only $ 350 more, but is worth it.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 infotainment screen.

Toyota 4Runner 2020: engine and AMP;Powertrain

The 4runner TRD Pro is powered by a 4.0-liter V6 producing 270 horsepower and 278 LB-PI.couple.It is combined with a five -speed automatic transmission with a part -time AWD system and an active traction control (which includes a two -speed transfer box with a selectable low beach).The TRD Pro also has a lockable rear differential, ramp control, hill start assistance and multi-terrain selection.The latter allows the driver to choose the mode that best suits the land to come, whether it is mud, sand or slopes.

When correctly equipped with the receiver and cable beam, all 4runner models can tow 5,000 lb.The EPA ratings for our TRD Pro tester arrived at 16/19 city/highway and 17 mpg combined.Needless to say, you will not pass in front of many service stations during a long trip.

The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 is delivered with nitto terra grappler of 17 -inch.

How does the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Drive work?

You will feel like an all-terrain warrior in the 4runner TRD Pro, and he is fully equipped to take you deep in the highlands without getting stuck.The pro TRD, with its firmer all-terrain suspension, is delivered with nitto terrain terrain tires 17 inch.With wider all-terrain tires, you benefit from additional ground clearance, which allows you to overcome all the obstacles you may encounter in nature.

By comparison, the 4Runner TRD Pro is sufficiently contained to be used as a daily lifeguard and family carrier.Its management and maneuverability are good for urban use.In fact, we were surprised to see how well he behaved in the traffic in Denver this week.

Although it is adapted to off -road use, the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 was quite calm in town.

Driving dynamic : Little Shy & Bruyant

The 4.0-liter V6 engine with its five-speed automatic transmission has brought a decent acceleration, but let us want more power to drive at high altitude above 8,300 feet where we live.278 LB-PI.couple est suffisant pour faire démarrer la grosse plate-forme d'un départ mort, et fonctionne particulièrement bien comme un rock-crawler lors de la montée d'une pente raide.However, if you live in a hilly region, prepare for the engine to rise to a high diet.

We also estimated that the five -speed automatic transmission was fluid and fast, but that it is lagging against some of the new automatic competitions in competition.with more gears.More speeds in the transmission would be useful to increase the saving of dull fuel from 4runner.

The 4runner TRD Pro is especially comfortable for long journeys, but there is more road noise with larger tires.Sometimes the higher body height seems to allow more noise to bounce back on the landing gear.If you are looking for a comfortable SUV driving, you will want to try the more luxurious Limited version, but you will sacrifice all-terrain capabilities.

Conclusion: good for what it is

If you need an SUV for out -of -road adventures, but you still need a family carrier for daily use, the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro will meet your needs.It offers more off -road capabilities than any other in the segment.However, if you are looking for a fuel saving and silent driving, the 4runner TRD Pro should not be your first choice.

Denis Flierl has invested more than 25 years in the automotive industry in a variety of roles.All his first -hand criticisms are archived on our road test page.Follow Denis on Twitter: @CarREVIEWGUY

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro 2020 gallery

Photos: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

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