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The Hi-fi phonograph Chrysler of 1956 for motorway

nicad 04/06/2022 333

Ah, oui, dans quel futur monde merveilleux nous vivons. Regardez ce que Chrysler considérait comme un choix à la mode en 1956: le tourne-disque!Le phonographe hi-fi Chrysler de 1956 pour autoroute

We know what it was, what the hell did they think? were they serene? are you serious?

Well, yes, they were, even though there were very few takers. Seriously, what kind of person would even contemplate something like that in a car? The audio environment is bad enough as it is, but putting something like, uh, vibration-sensitive like a platinum in a multi-ton luxury barge, way too floating like a Chrysler (any Chrysler)?

< p>Quelle sorte de fou ferait ça ? Eh bien, il se trouve que j'en connais quelques-uns.

I have this friend, Bob, a typical real car guy. Currently in the VW as a kind of strange mutation of his long-standing Mercedes fetish. But for a while there, Bob was out of the reservation and playing with things like Desotos and Chrysler 300s.

I remember going through the pages of a Chrysler Club newsletter while waiting for Bob to get on so we could leave his house, and I noticed an article about these same onboard record players.

"are you serious? Did Chrysler actually try to put record players in the cars? "

"Oh yeah!" Bob shouted from another room. "these things are..."

And he went on to describe to me how much these things are sought after by Chrysler's collectors. They were offered, but very few people bought them, and the old stock has long since disappeared from this Indiana Jones warehouse. So finding a good original version is like a quest for some of these guys.

"did they really work?"

"Oh yes, and they sound pretty good for a player record." Bob is a talented writer and narrator, so he knows the right sound.

"while the car was driving?" I asked.

"for God's sake, no. Only when it's parked. No sensible person would use a record player in a moving car. It's gonna scratch hell off your Patsy Kline records. "

"I bet."

Who knows what Chrysler's designers and engineers thought at the time. Putting shock and vibration sensitive equipment in a car makes a lot of sense like giving Don Rumsfeld and the army to play with it; you know there will be a lot of bad noise when you hit the first bump.

Anyway, we have it here: what a group of automotive engineers thought was a good way to bring a high degree of fidelity to your driving experience, circa 1956.

Of course an iPod, right?

No, no!

Source: Neatorama

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