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SSC Tuatara speed record: let the United States officially accelerate again!

nicad 26/05/2022 291

The third time is the charm of the American automaker SSC (formerly Shelby Supercars).After a controversial speed race in Las Vegas, Nevada last October, Tuatara is now officially the fastest standard car in the world.This time, it's true, SSC has all the relevant data to support it.

In its first race, the SSC Tuatara had an average speed in both directions of 316.11 MPH (508.73 km/h), faster than the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, Koenigsegg Agera RS and Ultimate Aero TT of SSC.The latter broke the existing speed record by reaching an average of 256.18 MPH (412.28 km/h) before Bugatti and Koenigsegg crush the party.

How fast is SSC Tuatara?

Destination: Florida

Check all the right boxes

Good ingredients create the perfect broth

Can you buy SSC Tuatara?

How fast is SSC Tuatara?

Very.Before officially recovering the fastest production car record, SSC made a second record attempt at the end of 2020. It failed due to engine problems.SSC returned on January 17 of this year to recover the crown by reaching an average speed in both directions of 282.9 MPH (455.3 km/h).

Notice, the figures are not as breathtaking as the initial race of Vegas., and he is far from the Bogatti Chiron's Official Speed Record from 305 MPH to Ehra-Lessien.However, it is enough to surpass the Koenigsegg Agera RS and its speed record of 277.87 MPH in 2017. Unless Bugatti is trying a second round, the Tuatara SSC is now the fastest car in the world.

We were delighted when SSC crossed the elusive barrier of 310 MPH (500 km/h) during its first scandalous race, but the car manufacturer had only 2.3 miles of road to go during its third attempt.In theory, the Tuatara could have gone faster with a longer road section, but we do not doubt that the car manufacturer will be back to move the goal post even more.

"America's new claim to victory in the country" space race "will be difficult to beat," said SSC Jerold Shelby CEO during his first speed race, and this remains true today.

Record de vitesse SSC Tuatara : Laissons officiellement les États-Unis accélérer à nouveau !

SSC Tuatara.Photo: SSC North America.

Destination: Florida

The initial record speed race took place on a section of 11km on the public route on the State Route 160 near Pahrump, Nevada.For his third official race, SSC went to the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds of Kennedy Space Center in Florida.And instead of loading the professional racing pilot Oliver Webb to control the car, SSC made a daring decision by authorizing Larry Caplin, the current owner of the test vehicle, and a non -professional race pilot, to try the racespeed.

Using the lessons learned from his first attempt, SSC went to Racelogic USA to attend, check and certify the race.In fact, Jim Lau, Technical Director of Racelogic USA, personally installed the GNSS Racelogic Vbox 3i 100 Hz system inside the TUATARA to save and verify temporal data.Simultaneously, video evidence is collected by a Vbox HD2 Vobox recorder to film the entire event.

But to win the maximum speed record, the Tuatara had to finish two consecutive races in opposite directions, which Bugatti failed to do.do last year.This is also the reason why the Chiron Super Sport 300+ was not officially recognized as the fastest production vehicle in the world in 2019, even after reaching an amazing top speed of 304.773 MPH (490.48km /h) on the Ehra-Lessien private test track of VW.

SSC Tuatara reached a maximum speed of 279.7 MPH (450.1 km/h) during its first attempt to the north.Less than an hour after his first race, Larry Caplin and his Personal SSC Tuatara rushed into history by reaching a breathtaking top speed of 286.1 MPH (460.4 km/h).After doing the calculation, the SSC Tuatara officially won the fastest production vehicle speed record by recording an average speed in both directions of 282.9 MPH.

Check all the right boxes

Breaking the record production of top speed is not as easy as it seems.It is more than to present yourself with an angry supercar on a deserted highway and press the accelerator pedal.The Tuatara SSC had to respect certain rules, which are as follows:

Rule 1: The car must be a production vehicle and identical to the vehicle that a customer could buy.SSC delivered its first Tuatara production in February 2020, just before the Pandemic of Covid-19 picked up its ugly head.Check.

Rule 2: The vehicle must follow the same route in opposite directions and make the average of the two speeds.According to officials, this explains the winds and the slope of the road which may have favored the vehicle when it moves in one direction.Check.

Rule 3: Although the Plains Salines de Bonneville can come to mind, when you try to establish the kind of record that the Tuatara SSC is looking for, the vehicle must be driven on a public road and not on a track.or race track.Check.

Rule 4: The speed of the vehicle must be followed by a certified GPS measurement system and have two world record sanctioned witnesses on site for verification.Check and check.

Rule 5: The car must drive with road tires and the engine must operate with ordinary fuel not intended for the race.Check.

Photo: SSC North America.

Good ingredients create the perfect broth

The Tuatara SSC has become the fastest production car without a gargantuan, force-fed by W16 engine.Instead, it has a 5.9-liter bi-turbo V8 engine co-developed by SSC and Nelson Racing Engines.According to SSC, the engine produces 1,350 horsepower using regular octane juice.

However, feed it with E85 petrol and you have an incredible power of 1,750 horsepower.All these horses on the run are transported to the rear wheels via a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission with seven-speed.

But it's not just a question of power.SSC Tuatara has a carbon fiber monohull chassis.In total, it weighs only 2,750 pounds and the slippery body has a draft coefficient of 0.279 CD, which makes it like a dolphin swimming in the ocean.The winding body of the Tuatara SSC is a graciousness of the world renowned automotive designer Jason Castriota de Castriota Design, the man responsible for the style of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the Maserati Gran Turismo.

Pouvez-vous acheter la SSC Tuatara?

In truth, SSC Tuatara is a good deal at around $ 1.3 million at $ 1.9 million, especially since SSC manufactures only 100 units for world consumption.He proved what he can do on an empty section section, and we feel that SSC intends to repeat this to try to beat even more records.

Alvin Reyes is the associate editor of Automoblog.He studied civil aviation, aeronautics and accounting in his youth and is always very attached to his former GSR and Galant SS.He also likes fried chicken, music and herbal medicine.

Photo & Source: SSC Amérique du Nord.

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