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New Lotus Family Part 3: Alice's New Lady Beauty

nicad 11/02/2022 581

Looking to the future, the next generation of Lotus cars shows that Esprit, Elite and Elan all carry the names of British sports car manufacturers in the past. The revival of the Lotus brand under the legendary name will surely attract the attention of enthusiasts (it seems to have happened during the great Paris Motor Show). However, Lotus' renewed focus also includes recognition from current overseas automakers. In future Lotus products expected in the next 5 years, the Elise name will appear with new life after 2015.

The first all-new Lotus sports car released after their current company acquired the car brand Proton parent, the Lotus Elise, said the core values ​​of Lotus have not been lost. Built in the tradition of Colin Chapman's Lotus Seven, the Elise has evolved into an ultra-light pleasure boat making the most of a small four-cylinder engine. Released in Europe since 1996, the short, sub-five-second ride didn't thrill North American soil until the 2005 model year, when the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) granted a temporary exemption to the Elise. Receiving a well-deserved makeover after 13 years without major changes, the 2015 Lotus Elise projects that the high-speed small car adventure has only just begun.

Weighing less than a current Chevrolet Aveo, the 2015 La Lotus Elise gently hits the scales at 1,095 kilograms (about 2,409 pounds). Assembled with an ongoing dedication to low-weight materials, Lotus' smallest car embodies the youngest look of the new sports vehicle lineup. Lotus is said to have retained elements of the current Elise design. Apparently, these cues are awash with deeper styling inspiration from Lotus. Apart from improving performance and good taste, the 2015 Lotus Elise Grace is also more considerate for drivers and passengers. Unlike the current version of this compact sports car, where cabin entry for people of moderate proportions is similar to trying on a tight pair of jeans, the next Elise features a larger set of doors. accommodating allowing for easier entry and exit.

More so, with the 2015 Elise, modern Lotus styling touches inside capture an aggressive look. The colorful and bright interior of the Lotus Elise has the simple charm of a racing club added to the aesthetics of a two-seater cabin. With the use of silver accents along the doors and around the center console, the appearance of tubular reinforcements commonly found in racing cars is created.

The entry level of the future Lotus range, the power is less robust than the Esprit. Served by a mid-mounted, two-liter four-cylinder powertrain, nearly 316 horsepower, and the Elise's lightweight construction promises not to deliver an entry-level performance experience. Acceleration times for the future Elise will drop compared to the current variant. Depending on whether 2015 Lotus Elise owners choose the 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, times are estimated at around 4.3 to 4.5 seconds for a 0-62 mile run. hour. Top speeds of just under 168 miles per hour sit at the upper echelon of performance in this little Lotus.

Unlike next-generation Lotus sports cars, the Elise will not come with an optional KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery). System). Still potentially classed as a hybrid sports car (through my mild hybrid), the Lotus Elise will use an available stop/start system that shuts down the engine at idle.

Another of Lotus' 2010 Paris motor show treats, the trick waits until spring 2015, when the first new Elises can be snatched up at a price tag of £35,000 (currently around $55,600).

Source of information and photos: Lotus Car via Newspress UK

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