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McLaren 720S GT3X: your official track day monster is here!

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When a racing company produces road cars, or even better racing cars, it's always worth paying attention to. Of course, you can play with a Honda Civic to be able to drive on the local track. But when someone like McLaren says, "Come on, let us carve you a right angle," you better watch out.

McLaren 720S GT3X: Guns Blazing!

Track use only!

Essential basics

McLaren 720S GT3X aerodynamics

Engine & Powertrain

Carbon Fiber & Kevlar

Availability & Customer Service

McLaren 720S GT3X: Guns Blazing!

In short, that shiny, angular thing you see in your rear view mirror? It could be a McLaren 720S GT3X. And it just might eat you for lunch.

McLaren has been doing very well lately. I won't get distracted by the details, but since American Zak Brown took over the business from (very) British Ron Dennis, they've certainly been firing on all cylinders. Take the example of the McLaren 720S GT3X. It's not exactly pretty, but just like a cobra or a shark, it certainly comes across as very scary and effective.

McLaren 720S GT3X. Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Track Use Only!

McLaren Customer Racing (the in-house arm that works to keep well-heeled enthusiasts and pro-racers alike happy) has just released the unlimited version of the 720S GT3 race car. Dubbed the GT3X, it is intended for track use only. It's not homologated, so there's no real racing class or championship you can compete in, but without needing to comply with competition regulations, GT3X owners can play with levels of power and performance and have even more fun.

Or, as McLaren puts it, the aim of the GT3X is "to optimize driving pleasure on the track". Is that what the kids call it these days?

McLaren 720S GT3X : votre monstre officiel du jour de piste est là !

Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Essential basics

The McLaren 720S GT3X features light and strong carbon fiber. chassis using the MonoCage II design, which underpins the current 720S. Weight? Dig this in: the 720S GT3X tips the scales at just 2,668 lbs, or over 440 lbs. lighter than the road-going 720S it is based on. It's only about 400 pounds. more than the last Miata! McLaren achieved these weight targets by dropping all non-essential or luxury items. Conclusion: The 720S GT3X has a power-to-weight ratio of 587bhp per ton.

Aerodynamics of the McLaren 720S GT3X

Of course, McLaren has seriously worked on the aerodynamics. That's what you do when you have an F1-class wind tunnel and a Computational Fluid Dynamics server farm that has its own cooling facility. The aerodynamically sculpted shape of the 720S GT3X is hand-finished in MSO Carbon Black metallic paint with a heritage McLaren Orange (Papaya) pinstripe. And this X graph? This stretches across the top canopy and looks super cool.

Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Engine & Powertrain

Driving power comes from the familiar 720S engine, but the factory has been seriously reworked with features from the road and track variants. Unique to the GT3X is the hand-built 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. It features a drawn cylinder head, upgraded pistons, Diamond-Like Technology (DLC) and a performance exhaust system. Altogether that's good for 710hp, with an additional 30hp boost function available via a steering wheel-mounted button. All that power is routed through a six-speed sequential motorsport transmission (by which I bet they mean it's a full dog box).

Carbon fiber & Kevlar

Also on the weight loss program is the stripped-down cabin with its heavy use of carbon fiber, including carbon fiber and the FIA-approved Kevlar racing seat that weighs just 22 pounds. The seat doesn't adjust, but the pedals and steering wheel do for the perfect driving position. All essential functions are controlled via rotary switches and buttons on the steering wheel.

Want to scare your friends' bejeebers? You're lucky. The 720S GT3X can accommodate a safety passenger racing seat, with a six-point racing harness.

Interior layout of the McLaren 720S GT3X. Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Availability & Customer Service

Your 720S GT3X is available to order now in North America from six official McLaren Motorsport retailers: McLaren Beverly Hills, McLaren Houston, McLaren Newport Beach, McLaren Philadelphia, McLaren San Francisco and McLaren Toronto. Each reseller can offer technical support and after-sales service for the GT3X.

You get more than just a race car, however, when you buy a McLaren 720S GT3X. As part of the buy and own package, you get dedicated technical support from in-house McLaren Customer Racing customer support engineers.

Tony Borroz has spent his whole life racing vintage and sports cars. . He is the author of Bricks &; Bones: The Endearing Legacy and Nitty-Gritty Phenomenon of The Indy 500, available in paperback or Kindle. Follow his work on Twitter: @TonyBorroz.

Photo and photo source: McLaren Automotive.

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