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USAA Extended Warranty: Your Questions Answered

nicad 13/10/2021 867

The USAA offered extended warranty periods for military personnel and their families.

The company still honors previously purchased coverage plans.

If you are looking for an alternative, we will recommend some of the top rated car extended warranty companies.

The United States Automobile Association (USAA) provides many financial services to service members and their family members. These services previously included a USAA warranty extension, which was offered until 2018.

In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about USAA's extended warranty, including details of previous coverage and whether USAA may offer vehicle protection plans in the future. We'll also recommend a few warranty providers that are worth researching if you want to purchase an extended warranty now.

Our research team has reviewed the best extended car warranty companies on the market. To make sure you're buying an affordable, quality car warranty, it's always a good idea to get quotes from several companies. Start getting free, personalized quotes from our top-rated vendors below.

Featured Extended Warranty Companies

We've reviewed the best extended car warranty providers in the industry, and here are our featured picks.< /p>

Best overall

Best for used cars

Low cost plans



Select Auto Protect

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Does USAA offer an extended warranty?

What Does the USAA Extended Warranty Cover?

Additional Benefits

The Future of USAA Extended Warranty

Our top recommendations for car warranty extensions

Stamina: best overall


CARCHEX: the best for used cars

CarShield: the most affordable

Does USAA offer an extended warranty?

USAA no longer offers extended warranties. USAA extended warranty plans were previously administered by Assurant Solutions, a third-party provider that partnered with USAA. The company stopped offering this coverage in 2018.

USAA does, however, offer a variety of insurance, banking, retirement, real estate, and investment products and services, and the company still recognizes extended protection plans for previously purchased USAA vehicles. .

What did the USAA Extended Warranty cover?

There were two USAA extended warranty plans to choose from: full protection and manufacturer packaging protection.

Comprehensive Protection The Protection Plan acted as a true bumper-to-bumper warranty, covering almost every mechanical part of the vehicle. This plan included coverage for vehicle powertrain components such as the engine, transmission, drive axle and related parts.

The Manufacturer Protection Plan was designed for drivers whose factory bumper-to-bumper warranties were shorter than their factory powertrain warranties. The plan included most vehicle components except those covered by the factory powertrain warranty. Flat-rate plans can help drivers avoid having their coverage voided or paying for redundant coverage. Drivers could purchase this extended USAA warranty as long as they were within 30 days or 1,000 miles of their factory warranty expiration.

Customers who have already purchased a USAA Extended Warranty and experience mechanical failures can still file claims. Plans are also cancellable. Coverage was also originally transferable, but it's unclear if that remains an option.

Additional Benefits

Each USAA Extended Warranty offered drivers a few benefits, including:

< p>Reimbursement of alternative transport

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation

24 hour roadside assistance

Serving members are eligible for USAA deployment deferral options. If a USAA Extended Warranty owner is deployed at any time during their contract term, USAA may suspend coverage for up to 15 months. Upon return, service members may have their contract extended to reflect the length of the original coverage.

Future of USAA Extended Warranty

In 2019, the USAA said it had no plans to return its extended auto warranty program. There are also no other USAA extended warranty options in place at this time.

If you're considering purchasing a vehicle maintenance contract through USAA, you're not entirely out of luck. There are comparable options available from a number of reputable auto warranty extension companies.

Our main recommendations for car warranty extension

When purchasing an extended service contract, we recommend choosing a third-party service provider that offers quality coverage plans at affordable prices. To find out which companies offered the best plans, we did an in-depth review of each major car warranty provider.

By reviewing plan details, reading customer reviews, and getting real quotes from each company, we've determined that Endurance, CARCHEX, and CarShield are the best warranty providers on the market today.

Endurance: Best Overall

The Endurance scored well in all of our review categories, including industry reputation, affordability, coverage options and customer service.

Endurance offers six levels of coverage and contracts that can extend up to 8 years or 200,000+ miles. The provider also offers sample contracts online so you can review each plan's covered parts and exclusions before you even speak to a sales representative.

For more information on this vendor, read our Endurance Warranty review. . You can also click below to receive a free, personalized quote from Endurance.

Best Overall

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(866) 990-3410

An industry veteran who manages your plan directly, from quote to claim

CARCHEX: the best for used cars

Older, high mileage cars can be difficult to cover, but CARCHEX has a specialist plan designed with these vehicles in mind. Additionally, CARCHEX offers four other coverage options that range from basic powertrain warranties to more comprehensive plans.

CARCHEX contracts can extend up to 10 years or 250,000 miles and come with four deductible options, so it's easy to find a plan that will suit your vehicle protection needs and budget.

For more information, read our full CARCHEX review and click below for a no obligation quote.

Best for used cars< /p>

Get a quote

(866) 950-7122

Top-rated provider with unparalleled customer service and affordable coverage

CarShield: the most affordable

CarShield is our go-to choice for drivers who want affordable coverage plans. The provider offers six coverage options, which can extend up to 200,000 miles and cover luxury brands like Tesla and Land Rover. Based on the sample quotes we've received, CarShield offers some of the most cost-effective warranties in the industry, without sacrificing quality.

Read our full CarShield review to learn more about this vendor and get a CarShield quote below. You can also compare CarShield with our other recommended vendors in our CarShield vs. Endurance and CARCHEX vs. CarShield.

The most affordable

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Well-known provider with wide coverage and favorable price

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