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Win a Custom Tesla Model S and $20,000 Cash!

nicad 24/01/2022 783

Some of today's fastest sports cars are electric to some extent. At Omaze's latest event, you can win a custom 762-hp Tesla Model S with Unplugged Performance. With that speed, the Model S can almost fly over the pavement like a modern, fashionable horse race. Sitting in the driver's seat of Model S, you don't have to worry about changing oil or pumping air.

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Tesla Model S by Unplugged Performance

Tesla Model S Refresh: Range Boost, Styling Updates & a strange steering wheel

Powertrain specifications

How to enter to win

Tesla Model S by Unplugged Performance

This custom Tesla looks just like one would imagine a premium electric sports car, inside and out. Unplugged Performance decided to wrap the exterior in a Matte Graphite wrap and S-APEX carbon fiber widebody kit. The custom air suspension lowering kit improves handling and adds 80mm to the width of the car. The widebody look also delivers inside by fitting five passengers in cognac leather seats. Installed in style, drivers can take advantage of practical technical advantages like Auto Park Summon or Autopilot.

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Tesla Model S Refresh: Lineup Boost, Styling Updates & a strange steering wheel

Powertrain specifications

This Model S's top speed is 163 mph with a zero-to-60 time of 2.3 seconds, thanks to the twin electric motors delivering 762 horsepower and 723 lb-ft. of torque. It's no surprise that the price usually attached to this Model S - with its customization - reaches around $190,000.

How to enter to win

You can enter to win this Tesla Model S with its personalized features by visiting the official page of this Omaze campaign. By participating in this campaign, you benefit two non-profit organizations: 501CTHREE and GivePower.

501CTHREE is an organization dedicated to developing a low carbon culture for the next generation in response to climate change. They tell stories and offer innovative ideas to raise awareness and drive adoption of solutions to build a cleaner, more serious future. GivePower strives to change the world by providing safe and managed drinking water to nearly 2.2 billion people who are out of reach. This non-profit organization uses its extensive solar expertise to power needy areas around the world and provide clean water, food security and lighting.

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