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Formula E: electric cars cannot inspire

nicad 05/08/2022 135

Andretti Autosport vient d'annoncer qu'ils participeront aux débuts de la série FIA ​​Formula E l'année prochaine.Formule E : les voitures électriques ne peuvent pas inspirer

It made me think...Something about electric cars is not exciting.Of course, you probably think that it is for simple reasons like lack of speed, the pain of recharging it or the outright fear of the unknown.However, my renegade redline colleagues...You may be surprised to see what came out of this "energetic" movement.Like this for example:

"Wooowwwww..."You may think:"...wheels skating and drift! ”But wasn't there something that was missing?Was it not boring?

Everything was there to tear the road, and it was a damn beautiful car in addition to it all.So what's wrong?

There are even serious powerful electric machines in preparation.In fact, there is a brand new series approved by the FIA, called Formula-E, which will be underway in 2014.If you are not familiar with this series, consult this preview of the Formula-E.

Basically, this is a new open wheel series that has chassis suppliers such as Dallara and teams such as Autosport and a place for the disparity between cars and innovation.This is what everyone complains of not having for a decade!So you will be delighted to see the cars trying!

No, it's not exciting.It was zero.What enthuses people in mechanical sports and fast cars is speed and sound.Without that, it's like watching Die Hard in mute.What is that...A giant remote control car that you pilot from the inside.As men, we love fire, explosions, metal objects that move other metal objects.Internal combustion is therefore where it is!Explosive liquid from sparks projecting against pistons that project you on the ground of your choice.Magical.

Thousands of explosions to the control of your right foot that send you back to your seat!And as men, we want to hear the explosions and feel the smoke.This is why we shoot with firearms and cry loud!Unless you are this certain race of males who listen to Little River Band and cycle to save the planet.Or as Jay-Z said so eloquently "who would not break a grape in a fruit battle".May our cars are always fast, noisy and driven on the shredded edge!

Here is a good compilation that can free you from boring calls:

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