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Ally Extended Warranty: Our Review (2021)

nicad 01/11/2021 937

Ally Extended Warranty

In our opinion:

Ally offers three vehicle protection plans, and we particularly like its flexible coverage option for drivers who want full control over their extended warranty. However, you must contact a dealer to begin Ally extended warranty coverage. Also, the provider doesn't have the best track record for customer service ratings.

Industry performance



Customer Service

Readers rating



Transferable coverage

Flexible monthly coverage

Available for new and used cars

Prices start from $32 per month


Limited accessibility

Bad customer service reviews

Vehicle Exclusions with Flex Coverage


Global mark

With your factory warranty ending, you might be nervous about future repairs and their costs. An Ally Extended Warranty provides additional coverage for peace of mind on the road.

An extended warranty, also known as a vehicle maintenance agreement, is additional coverage you purchase to ensure your vehicle is still protected in the event of a mechanical breakdown. With an extended warranty, you not only get guaranteed service, but also a buffer against often costly repairs. Vehicle service contracts come either from a manufacturer or from a third-party warranty company, such as Ally.

In this article, we'll give you an in-depth review of the Ally Extended Warranty along with our thoughts on its cost-effectiveness. We've also reviewed the best extended warranty companies out there. Get free, personalized quotes from our top-rated vendors below.

Featured Extended Warranty Companies

We've reviewed the best extended car warranty providers in the industry, and here are our featured picks. p>

Best overall

Best for used cars

Low cost plans



< p>Select Auto Protect

Get a quote

Get a quote

Get a quote

(866) 990-3410

(866) 950-7122

(860) 294-4933

What is Ally?

What does the Ally extended warranty cover?

Ally Extended Warranty Benefits

What's not included in the Ally Extended Warranty?

Ally Flex Blanket

Ally Extended Warranty Cost

< p>How to File an Ally Extended Warranty Claim

Ally Reviews & Customer Service

Our final thoughts on the Ally Extended Warranty

Top Recommendations for Automobile Warranty Extensions

Stamina: best overall

CarShield: The most affordable

What is Ally?

Established in 1919, Ally not only offers extended car warranties, but also coverage for home and personal finances. She specializes in everything from mortgages to personal loans to vehicle maintenance contracts.

In terms of industry reputation, Ally Financial has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating strong financial backing. However, Ally is not accredited by the BBB.

When it comes to its auto protection services, Ally Extended Warranty includes three coverage options. Additionally, and a definite plus in our book, Ally offers a Flex plan for customers who want more flexible terms without losing quality of coverage. Ally offers new car warranty as well as used car warranty options. However, to purchase an Ally extended warranty, you will need to contact a participating dealer and proceed from there.

What does the Ally extended warranty cover?

Called Ally Premier Protection, the Ally Extended Warranty comes in three plan levels that protect your vehicle after mechanical breakdowns for up to 12 years or 150,000 miles. All three of Ally's Vehicle Protection Plans are Major Guard

®, Value Guard and Basic Guard.

Ally Extended Warranty Coverage

Major Guard

Value Guard

Basic Guard

Total Parts Covered



2000+< /p>

Engine ???


Front and rear wheel drive???

Fuel delivery???< /p>

Heating and air conditioning???




High Tech??



Engine cooling?

Major Guard acts like a bumper-to-bumper warranty for your car, while Basic Guard acts like a powertrain warranty. Value Guard falls in the middle but does not take into account important features such as braking systems and safety systems.

Regarding transferability, the three Ally extended warranty plans can be transferred to subsequent owners for a fee of $50. You can also void your warranty within 60 days as long as no claim has been filed during this period.

If you're interested in additional coverage beyond a typical vehicle maintenance contract, Ally has an Asset Protection Plan (APP) warranty as well as a SmartLease Protect plan for car rental companies. Other Ally protection plans include:







Tire & Wheel

Ally Extended Warranty Benefits

With any Major Guard, Value Guard, or Basic Guard purchase, you get a few benefits. They include roadside assistance, travel reimbursement and rental car reimbursement. Ally's 24/7 roadside assistance plan covers the following services:

Flat tires



Battery start

Emergency fuel delivery

Ally will cover roadside assistance services up to $100. Travel reimbursement is available up to $150 per day to a maximum of $750 per breakdown. This service, however, is only available if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your destination. Likewise, the cost of your rental car is reimbursed up to $40 per day for a maximum of $240 per breakdown. Reimbursement for the rental car can also be taken into account on public transport if you prefer.

What's not included in the Ally Extended Warranty?

Like any extended car warranty, exclusions will be described in your contract. The Ally Extended Warranty limits a few vehicle-related issues, including:

The flight



Pre-existing issues

Misuse of the vehicle

Environmental damage

Problems caused by lack of maintenance

Vehicles used for business purposes (Uber, Lyft, taxi services)

Fortunately, Ally provides sample contracts on its website for a full understanding of the exclusions you should expect. Although the exclusions are not individual, the sample contract can prepare you for the questions you should ask a representative.

We also want to mention that the Ally Extended Warranty, whichever plan you choose, will need to be purchased from a dealership. This also includes obtaining a quote.

You can also choose to finance your vehicle maintenance contract through the dealership or purchase it separately. However, we generally do not suggest financing an extended warranty. You will inevitably end up paying interest on your warranty purchase.

Ally Flex Blanket

A unique option for those interested in Ally Extended Warranty, Flex Coverage allows car owners to purchase and renew their extended coverage with monthly payments. If you're not interested in long-term contracts, this is an option to consider, but also be aware that this coverage is only available for 2015 or newer cars.

The Flex coverage plan can cost as little as $32 per month and up to 10 years or until the car reaches the age of 13 vehicle models. Once you have accepted the Ally Extended Warranty Agreement, your coverage begins 30 days from the date of purchase.

Flex coverage also offers three plans to choose from:

Flex Ultra Blanket

Flex Coverage Core

Flex Coverage Tech

The most comprehensive option, Flex Coverage Ultra, covers the same parts as the Major Guard plan. It's bumper-to-bumper coverage on a monthly basis. Flex Coverage Core, a lowering of the Ultra plan, covers all powertrain components as well as your air conditioning, electrical systems and brake system components. Finally, the Flex Coverage Tech plan only protects high-tech components.

These Ally extended warranty plans exclude the same standard limitations we've mentioned above as well as the individual exclusions that come with each coverage option. Plans cannot be transferred to subsequent vehicle owners. Flex coverage also offers the same benefits as its long-term contracts, including 24/7 roadside assistance, rental vehicle coverage, and trip interruption protection.

As for the cost, Ally's Flex coverage offers deductibles of $0 and $100 depending on which plan you choose to purchase. However, if you drive high mileage (over 20,000 miles per year), your deductible will be $500 per repair visit.

Ally Extended Warranty Cost

Ally offers five different deductibles: $0, $50, $100, and $200. Additionally, Ally offers a $100 declining deductible option at select dealerships. Deductible availability depends on your dealer, vehicle and contract, so we recommend that you inquire about the deductible for your Ally extended warranty plan if you decide to pursue a contract.

As we mentioned earlier, you will not be able to get a free quote online. Instead, you'll need to call a participating local dealer for more cost information.

How to File an Ally Extended Warranty Claim

The claims process with an Ally extended warranty is fairly straightforward. If your car has a mechanical breakdown, you'll want to make sure the vehicle is protected from further damage to the best of your ability. Then you will need to contact Ally for permission before any repair work is done on the car. If necessary, Ally will have to inspect the car. Finally, Ally will reimburse the cost of repairing the vehicle directly to you or pay the repair facility for covered repairs.

After calling Ally's phone number ourselves, we went through three voice automations before we were able to speak to an Allies representative. Based on the instructions we received over the phone, we recommend that you have your police number ready when you call.

Ally Reviews & Customer Service

After reading reviews on TrustPilot and the BBB, Ally doesn't have the best reputation with customers. The company has received more than 1,300 BBB complaints over the past three years. However, we would like to note that these complaints are filed against Ally Financial, which covers Ally's extended warranty plans.

Typically, complaints reported issues with long wait times, problems contacting Ally, and issues with customers. credit after using Ally's services. A few average ratings were given to Ally, but the majority of ratings in 2020 were 2.0 stars or less.

Our Final Thoughts on Ally's Extended Warranty

Ally is a long-term warranty provider trusted by industry experts, but customer reviews are mixed. Three Ally extended warranty plans offer comprehensive coverage with a few perks, and we particularly like Ally's Flex coverage plan and the options it gives drivers. Overall, Ally is a good choice for extended protection.

Top Recommendations for Extended Car Warranties

Whether or not you choose to purchase an Ally extended car warranty, it's always best to get multiple quotes from multiple vendors. The additional information allows you to compare cost and coverage options across the board. To help you in your search, we've provided recommendations for two of the best providers below.

Stamina: Best Overall

Known for its strong coverage and many additional benefits, Endurance is the vendor that scored the highest in our industry-wide review. Your first year of coverage comes with a free Endurance Elite subscription, which includes roadside assistance, tire repair and replacement, key fob replacement and other benefits. Endurance is highly valued by experts and customers.

For an in-depth review of this warranty company, check out our full Endurance review. To see how much you'd pay for coverage, get a free quote for your vehicle.

Best overall

Get a quote

(866) 990-3410< /p>

An industry veteran who manages your plan directly, from quote to claim

CarShield: the most affordable

CarShield offers customers affordable warranty plans without skimping on quality coverage. The provider offers six different levels of coverage for maximum flexibility, including a plan specifically for high-tech and electrical components.

Read our full CarShield review for a complete understanding of coverage and get a personalized quote below. For a direct comparison between CarShield and Endurance, read our CarShield vs. Endurance.

The most affordable

Get a quote

(877) 265 -5123

A well-known provider that offers extensive coverage at a favorable price range

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