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Criticism: Seidio Innovraveler Universal Mount

nicad 01/08/2022 124

J'ai une confession: en ce qui concerne ma voiture, je suis très pointilleux et un monstre propre. Je déteste le placement aléatoire et je déteste voir des cordons d'alimentation nus. Je n'ai jamais possédé de GPS de rechange parce que je n'aime vraiment pas la façon dont il est installé sur une fenêtre. Au contraire, j'utilise toujours mon iPhone pour la navigation. Je le tiens ou je le mets sur le porte-gobelet, ce qui n'est ni l'un ni l'autre idéal.Critique : Seidio Innotraveler Universal Mount

So when I had the opportunity to review a universal window support, I must say that my first reflex was to refuse.Each universal medium that I have examined for iPhones in the past was voluminous and bulky and would forced you either to remove your case, or to adjust an assortment of pliers each time you mount it.

Forget that - I am a real person who uses a case and I use my phone for more than navigation.I must be able to remove my phone from the support each time I want without having to adjust anything.But after examining the details of the universal frame Seidio Innovraveler, the design seemed just cool.

The timing is essential and the seidio innovraveler arrived at my door exactly a day before my car trip to Charleston in South Carolina.I was super excited because I only went to "Chuck Town" only a few times and it meant that I would use hell.

After unpacking it, I understood very quickly that the unique point of sale of Seidio Innovraveler is the adhesive stamps.Once located, my phone would not move.It actually took a while to get used to it because the pads were so sticky that they did not want to release my phone.After having fought for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pads do not even leave any trace of residue.Honestly, I don't know how Seidio succeeds in this magic, but I hope to see this clever technology in other areas of my life.


Where to find one?


The configuration was interesting and I must admit that I groped a little before finally placing it correctly.There are several adjustment screws and it takes the right combination of events to align, tighten and place the support correctly using the locking suction cup.

I have experienced a few locations and I found that getting low and the center was the easiest place to reach as well as the least annoying.As I mentioned, at the beginning, the adhesive pads had fatal grip on the iPhone and withdraw it was difficult.After using the frame for a few days, they relaxed a bit.It could also be that my method for removing the phone naturally adjusts.Pivot the phone out of the shelves makes things much easier.

Now that I have had the opportunity to use the Seidio Innovraveler for a few weeks, I can say that I am pleasantly surprised to see how much I love it.I'm probably not going to leave it installed for my daily trips, because it is simply not something that I need to climb it all the time on my windshield.But I would say that every time I travel anywhere outside my region of origin, the Innovraveler accompanies me.

Where can I get one?

Recover the universal support seidio innovate to the

Official Seidio website, or go to Amazon.com To verify it, both are currently costing $ 29.95, but you will benefit from free delivery on Amazon, allowing you to save at least $ 9.

< p>Consultez le site Web officiel de Seidio ou allez sur Amazon.com pour 29,95$, mais vous pouvez expédier gratuitement sur Amazon et économiser au moins 9$.

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