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Crazy radical RXC will ruin your face

nicad 03/08/2022 193

Avez-vous vu la voiture ci-dessus? C'est la nouvelle Radical RXC, c'est une petite voiture folle, pesant un peu moins de 2000 livres, mais a une puissance incroyable de 380 chevaux. Cela ressemble à la maison sur la piste... mais c'est légal dans la rue.Crazy radical RXC va ruiner votre visage

Historically, Radical has built small brilliant cars intended for the track, or sometimes track cars which are capable of being taken on the road, if necessary.

For the brand new RXC radical, they passed it to the higher level.

Pourquoi celui-ci est-il différent? p>

This thing looks crazy

So...How can I touch one?

Why is it different?

To start, the RXC is the first closed car in the company.And for a car that you can drive on the public highway, it can be a big problem.You know, all this story of "bad weather".Oh, and security too, I suppose.In addition, with a closed cockpit, they finally took advantage of the opportunity to give a car butterfly doors.And who doesn't like butterfly doors?

Mais voici la partie vraiment intéressante: ils ont pris le V6 de 3,7litres de la nouvelle Mustang et l'ont déposé dans le petit cadre du RXC... mais pas avant augmentant la puissance jusqu'à un sain 380 et lui donnant 320 lb-pi de couple.Crazy radical RXC va ruiner votre visage

If you are really nice and ask politely (and cough on the money), they will replace the V6 with a 3.0 -liter V8 which manages in a way 480 hp.Not bad for a company that generally equips its motor cars intended for motorcycles.

For both engines, you will get their personalized seven -speed gearbox which breaks the gears in 50 ms of the F1 type.< /p>

All this allows you to get an incredibly fast street and track monster that slaughter 0 to 62 MPH in just 2.8 seconds (it's faster than a McLaren P1) and will reach a top speed of 175 MPH(not as fast as the McLaren.) We are not sure of the V8 performance specifications.

This thing looks crazy

You are right, this is the case...And that's the case.< /p>

In fact, the body, which is a mixture of composite and carbon fiber panels, is designed to provide 900 kg (1984 lb) of high -speed support.Why is it crazy?The car weighs approximately 900 kg.You see what I mean ?

Technically, if you were going quickly enough and you had too long tunnel...You could drive the radical RXC upside down.Now, who is ready to test this?Anybody?Bueller?

Regardez cette vidéo où les bâtards chanceux de XCar ont fait un tour avec la RXC:Crazy radical RXC va ruiner votre visage

My favorite comment: "It's legal in the street, like having sex with a 16.000001 years is legal.»»

So...How can I touch one?

(the car, not 16.000001 years)

If you have at least £ 94,000 ($ 144,000), you can have one.Otherwise:

If you are in Europe, the radical RXC will be exhibited at the London Private Salon in early September, which you should absolutely try to assist.

Otherwise:, you can not only touch one, but drive one, if you spend £ 250 (currently $ 383) and you are there when they run one of their test days on different tracks through thecontinent.

Just...Try not to die.

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