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CEDAR City's July Auto Du Hinge Fair

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Le Salon de l'auto du Jamboree de juillet de Cedar City



July annual jamboree in Cedar City, UT impressed visitors on Saturday July 13

th.If you attended it, you were treated to great pleasure and a taste of the best local cuisine in the region.In addition, the event presents the best and most beautiful cars in the region.

The jamboree is aimed at the whole family, with something for the pleasure of all.The sellers are there to serve you, so take a snowpack or a soft serve.Even if you only show up at the car and bicycle fair, you will have a good time.Most profits are donated to the Rotary Club, which in turn helps the local community.

What to do

Who welcomes jamboree?

Voitures, Des voitures partoutSalon de l'auto du Jamboree de juillet de Cedar City

What to do

The main street of Cedar City was closed for the event, the drivers were therefore diverted by deviation panels and patrollers.The entire Main Street has been used for the event, with sellers and ham kiosks bordering the street of downtown.

All types of excellent local dishes were available.There were also opportunities to buy works of art and craftsmanship.The children were invited to participate in many activities, from Balloons to DIY.Many activities were free, while some sellers asked you to pay a small amount to participate.Entrance to Main Street was 100% free, so if the money is tight, the guests still had a good time without spending a penny.

The main attraction, for most visitors, was the fair for car and classic bikes.There were 200 cars presented at this year's jamboree.The models included a beautifully restored 1969 Super Sport Chevelle from 1969.The owner spent $ 40,000 to restore the car over a period of 8 years.Another incredible inclusion was the car of Blake Brown, a classic Ford Mustang Bordeaux from 1967.Brown says he spent more than 200 hours restoring Mustang.

Children and young people of heart were invited to play halfway.Carnival rides decorated the region, offering possibilities to ride and play.Each trip costs a few tickets.Tickets can be purchased in a few kiosks scattered in the region.

Who welcomes jamboree?

photo de l'utilisateur de flickr Bob PalinSalon de l'auto du Jamboree de juillet de Cedar City

All the profits of July Jamoree go to the Rotary Club Local.If you do not know the Rotary Club, it is a national organization that has sections or clubs throughout the country.

The members of the Rotary Clubs undertake to provide humanitarian service to their communities.The sponsors provide even more financial support to the Rotary Club, thus restoring their community in a fairly remarkable way.

This year's private and corporate sponsors have helped make July jamboree a resounding success.The children and their parents really enjoyed the experience, with people everywhere smiling and admiring the beautiful old cars.Although the Rotary Club generously welcomed the July jamboree, it was the community that really made it a successful year.

Cars, cars everywhere

Cruise cars were not blocked., visitors were therefore entitled to a close and personal view of engines, interiors and bodywork.Everyone was invited to go around the cars and take a look inside.The incredible retail work makes this fair of classic car and bikes one of the best in the country.

The repair of Cedar City bodywork, registered in the local book, had very admirable cars in the living room.There were also countless beautiful cars and bikes brought by individuals.Prices have been awarded to the best cars in the show in addition to boastful rights to all trophies holders.

In general, the July carnival was a huge success, but we doubt that next year is better.So please note your calendar and make sure you can reach the main streets of Cedar City even in July 2014.

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