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5 The worst super truck in the world

nicad 02/08/2022 81

"Avez-vous mis "badass" et "vans" dans la même phrase?" Oui... vous comprendrez pourquoi dans une minute.5 le pire super camion du monde

It is not because the vans you see on the road and the prizes of dealers are led only by flowers of flowers or football mothers that smart spirits.t pushed them to the extreme.

"Dude, I can't wait for the new big caravan to be available, I have one in pre -order" - no one has ever said.At least no one whose face was not immediately struck by a friend later.

But who can prevent someone from picking up a used Ford Transit and transforming it into a beast of fire?

< p>Absolument rien...

Let's look at some of the coolest supervans ever created.

Bus Transit Center Drift

Renault Espace F1 p>

Honda Odyssey racing van

Ford Transit Supervan 35 le pire super camion du monde

Ford XJ220 Transit van

Bonus: Virgin Media themed vans

Have we missed it?

Drift bus from the Transit Center

Shit!Created for the Rallycross Pilot Marcin Wicik by Transit Center Motorsports in Poland, meet the first Drift Van in the world (in case you could not see the video, it is the one at the top of the article.))

Start with a used Ford Transit van, they managed to dismantle the whole interior and give it a complete racing interior - safety arce, racing seats, all.

Then they took a 400 hp V8 of a BMW M5, settled up to 440 hp, and dropped this bad boy under the hood.It sounds pretty well, right?

Ensuite, une boîte de vitesses séquentielle à six vitesses a été installée, et pour s'assurer que M. Wicik ne se renverse pas à chaque tour de roue, une suspension complète Bilstein a été installé.5 le pire super camion du monde

For more photos and videos, see the Ford Transit Drift Bus page at Transit Center Motorsports.

Renault Espace F1

Created by Renault in 1995 to promote regular road space, the F1 space is in fact more in common with Renault F1 cars than standard minivan.Some of you may remember that it appeared in the video game Gran Turismo 2 at the time.

With a frame and bodywork entirely in carbon fiber, the F1 space has been converted into a central engine configuration with an 800 HP version of the 3.5 -liter V10 RS5 engine used in...you guessed it...their car Williams-Renault FW15C F1.A semi-automatic six-speed transmission and carbon ceramic brakes in F1 style complete the improvements.

Even with all these improvements, the performance of the F1 space is shocking.0-62 MPH in 2.8 seconds up to a top speed of 194 MPH.All from an inflated mini-dinner made almost 20 years ago.

Honda Odyssey Race Van

What is not surprising is that Honda will participate in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2013.What is surprising is that they will do so in a crazy odyssey.

À partir de la fourgonnette standard, Honda a abandonné un V6 de 3,5 litres avec 532 ch et 460 lb-pi de couple , une cage de sécurité massive et un intérieur de course, une suspension de course, des roues BBS de 19 pouces et, bien sûr, des pneus et des freins pour accompagner la configuration. Les freins de fourgonnette standard ne sont probablement pas à la hauteur d'un fourgon de course de 532 ch.5 le pire super camion du monde

Ford Transit Supervan 3

Originally created in 1971 using a 400 hp V8 from the GT40, the Ford Supervan transit crossed some iterations, finally arriving at the Supervan 3 today.

Built on a Ford C100 racing car chassis and a special fiberglass body on a 7/8 scale, the Supervan 3 transit has a 3.5 -liter V8 with a huge 730 hp and a diet limit of 13800 rpm.A fully personalized independent suspension keeps the four tires on the ground, while the 11 -inch Brembo brakes barely enter the 13 -inch Magnesium Oz wheels.

But the "3" was born in 1995 and was only used a few revisions.Ford: Do you think it's time to offer us a Supervan 4?We are doing it.

Ford XJ220 Transit van

This one is so cool because he is a complete sleeper, and was developed in secret by Jaguar.

Before the arrival of the XJ220 outside, Jaguar wanted to test the powertrain of the next supercar without anyone noticing it.So naturally, in 1989, they bought a Ford Transit and equipped it with the V6 Bi-Turbo engine of 542 hp from the XJ220 which obtains a time from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds.

La seule chose qui aurait pu le donner, si les spectateurs étaient assez avertis, si les alliages XJ220 et les pneus à grande vitesse étaient attachés à la camionnette.5 le pire super camion du monde

You can still occasionally see this van during various motorsport events and car fairs. p>

Bonus: Virgin Media's theme vans

Although nothing has changed internally on these vans, they are still worth mentioning.A few years ago, during a marketing campaign for Tivo, Virgin Media manufactured some vans on the theme of television and cinema and asked customers to vote for their favorites.

In the end, the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee van won, with the A -The black and red van of the team arrives in second position.

The other themes: Gran Torino by Starsky and Hutch, Herbie The Vw Beetle, the Mystery Machine by Scooby Doo and the Grease Lightning of Grease.

Yes, it may be a cheap, but honestly, would you prefer to park next to you-an old boring old Tivo van or the team A van?That's what I thought.

Have we missed one?

What is your favorite Super Van?Did we miss it?

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