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How to contest a ticket?

nicad 09/08/2021 757

How to contest a ticket?

When am I going to get the fine?

You just got flashed so the fine will arrive in about 5-7 days at your home. If the ticket is issued to you by an agent then he will give it to you except in the event of inconvenient or unpaid parking.

The first step

Once your notice of violation has been received or given by an agent you then have 45 days and by one more to contest your fine.

Do not waste time, if you want to have the photo to contest then ask for it but if it takes more than 45 days contest without the photo!

Please note that you must not sign the fine or pay it, it is a sign that you accept your offense. The payment is worth the recognition you will then be able to contest and your point balance will be debited if the ticket requires it.

The second step

Don't ask for indulgence because it never works. You then have two options to challenge:

You are not at fault and the fine should not have been imposed. You then just have to prove that there is an error (it is not your vehicle, you have not committed an offense…) Contest a technical defect on the ticket.

Ex: wrong date / time, wrong license plate, wrong model or color of car, wrong nature of the offense, wrong house number… or any other missing or false information on the notice.

It There is no point in contesting a ticket if you have no real proof for or if the ticket is free from any defect, the indulgence never succeeds and you will just be denied your dispute and the price of your fine will increase. Indeed the period of the fixed fine (45 days) will then certainly be passed.

Note! You may be asked to pay a deposit, pay it, it absolutely does no acknowledgment of wrongdoing and you will be reimbursed once your dispute is accepted.

The third step, start your dispute

If you have a good reason, then you must contest your traffic ticket. You then have two possibilities:

It may be mandatory to pay a deposit before contesting, it will be refunded to you in the event of innocence and will be used in part to pay the fine if you are guilty.

1st solution

The first is to bring the blue paper (Exemption Request Form) that you received with your ticket and check box number 3.

You will have to send a registered letter with the original of your notice of violation and an explanatory letter containing:

A brief and concise explanation to justify yourself I dispute the merits of this notice I ask for the classification without action or to appear before the court

Address your registered letter to the OMP. You can also attach your proofs in order to see your ticket be dismissed.

2nd solution

The second and to contest online on the site of L'Ants

For this go to the L'Ants website and follow the steps to contest your ticket online. Much easier, faster and cheaper because you have no shipping costs! We recommend this solution. You will be guided in your process.

The result

Once all the steps have been taken, your ticket can either be closed without further action or go before the local judge. In the latter case, you will have to go to court and do your best to prove to him that you must be exonerated.

If you are found liable you will then have to pay the sum increased by your ticket and points if ever the ticket requires it.

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