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How does video-verbalization work in the car?

nicad 10/08/2021 902

How does video-verbalization work in the car?

The verbalization video how it works

The verbalization video, also called the video protection, is only done in supervision centers by sworn police officers. In front of numerous screens, they have their eyes riveted on several streets, boulevards and crossroads thanks to the cameras placed on the public highway. They can therefore remotely note an infringement of the highway code and sanction you by following this process

Several pictures of the infringement are recorded (2 or 3 on average) A report is drawn up to determine the class of the offense The report as well as the pictures are then sent to the CNT (National Processing Center) The CNT searches for the holder of the vehicle via the SIV (Vehicle Registration System) using the license plate taken from the pictures Notice of contravention is then drawn up and sent to the holder of the vehicle who committed the offense The holder then has the choice to pay the fine or to contest it

Which offense can be noted with the video ticket?

There are more than ten offenses that can be detected with the video verbalization:

Wearing a seat belt Inconvenient parking lots Using a hand-held phone Using lanes and roadways reserved (bus, track cycling, SAS by bike) Traffic on emergency lanes Respecting safety distances between vehicles Crossing and overlapping solid lines Signs requiring vehicles to stop Maximum authorized speeds Overtaking Commitment in the included space between the two stop lines The obligation to wear an approved helmet for a motorcycle, motor tricycle, motor quadricycle or moped The obligation to be covered by insurance guaranteeing the civil liability

Some figure:

The City of Paris announced between 300 and 400 incivilities noted per day!

119,193 fines were raised in full in 201859% of fines concern traffic in a bus lane 19% of offenses relate to unauthorized parking (delivery, double lane, cycle lanes) 12% of offenses are for parking on a bus lane 6% for non-compliance with the bicycle lock 3% for crossing of a red light1% concern other offenses such as driving on a cycle lane or wearing a seatbelt Motorcyclists and other two-wheelers are the most fined offenders with VTCs

Contest a ticket notice noted by video verbalization

As with any notice of violation taken remotely, you will be able to designate another person. You just have to follow the protest procedure as if an automatic speed camera flashes you.

If you can prove that you were not the driver then you're good to go.

You can also contest the notice of violation if a technical defect is present. Then watch the notice carefully and check all the information entered such as date / time, location, model of your car, color, plate etc. A single mistake will suffice to have your ticket dismissed.

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