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Everything you need to know about leasing overhaul costs

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Everything you need to know about leasing overhaul costs

The two different types of leasing

Loa leasing

Rental with Option to purchase is simply a rental over a predetermined period of approximately 20 to 60 months where the individual pays rent each month with the option to buy back the vehicle at the end of the contract. The price of the vehicle is set at the start of the contract. It leaves the possibility for the motorist to buy the car or not. It is possible that a contribution is requested in the first month, it is also commonly called rent plus.

Lld leasing

Lld, long-term rental is very similar to LOA, however it does not give the possibility the motorist to buy back the car at the end of the contract. As with an LOA, you have to pay a rent each month which can be increased for the first.

What are the costs of reclamation really?

These are simply the costs that your car rental company will charge you when you return the vehicle. They vary depending on the interior and exterior condition as well as mechanical parts such as brakes or tires. You will never be asked to return the vehicle in a perfectly new condition as this is impossible; you have driven the vehicle, so it will necessarily be worn. However, you will be charged for any scratches, scratches to the bodywork, rims or an addict in the passenger compartment. Tires and brakes do not have to be completely new either, but if they are completely worn out, you will be charged a fee.

Repair costs depend on and vary greatly between rental companies. Do not hesitate to look in your contract to see what you will be charged or find out before returning your vehicle.

Note: On average, the repair costs are 798 €

How to reduce repair costs?

The best way to reduce these costs is to anticipate before returning your vehicle.

We advise you strongly to ask your rental company for everything that will be billed to you according to the condition of your vehicle and to make these repairs at another garage. Usually dealerships increase repair margins for overhauls, so don't hesitate to go to the competition and get quotes from small independent garages. Compare quotes, negotiate as much as possible and have your vehicle repaired to the standard requested by your rental company before returning your car.

Warning! Some rental companies may even charge you for washing your car or filling it up. gasoline, we advise you to do it yourself, this is one of the best ways to keep these costs down.We also inform you that the repair costs for interior elements are generally very expensive, so we advise you to inform yourself well before the return to avoid a bad surprise.

One last tip for the road:

If you are considering taking a car from the same rental company, then do not hesitate to negotiate your discount costs. Some rental companies may even exempt you from all costs if you renew a contract with them.

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