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When and why to service your gearbox

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When and why to service your gearbox

Reminder: the role of the gearbox

The role of the gearbox is to transmit the power produced by the engine to the wheels. The gearbox of a car is very similar to that of a bicycle. In a car, the chain is replaced by a transmission shaft (more rigid) which by turning drives pinions which then drive the universal joints or a transmission shaft to transmit power to the wheels. The purpose of the transmission is quite simply to allow the wheels of the vehicle to turn at a different speed than the speed of rotation of the engine.

Oil has a second role in a gearbox: cooling and heat distribution. To begin with, the oil prevents the gearbox from rising to excessively high temperatures thanks to the lubrication. But the oil also helps, by increasing the temperature, to distribute the heat throughout the gearbox.

Why maintain a car's gearbox?

All gearboxes Automotive gears are immersed in oil. This is essential because the pinions are in constant contact and at a very high speed. We know that metal against metal does not mix well, so oil helps lubricate its friction thanks to a thin film that is permanently applied between the pinions. Over time, this oil loses its properties and therefore becomes less effective. It is therefore essential to perform an oil change so that the gearbox is well lubricated, it is essential for its longevity.

The maintenance of a gearbox

The only maintenance that must be carried out after a certain number of kilometers is an oil change.

It is sufficient to empty the oil currently present in the gearbox, to wash the magnetic plug which retains the filings. , remove from the box, close the cap and put in new oil. It sounds simple, but the drain and fill plug are often inaccessible. In addition, automatic and manual gearbox changes are very different. It is also necessary to be careful and obligatorily to put the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintaining a manual gearbox

To maintain a manual gearbox, the only operation to do is to carry out an oil change. . The drain and fill plugs are often inaccessible but it remains a very simple operation. However, be sure to check beforehand if there is not a specific procedure for your model as well as the type of oil to put.

When to change?

It depends on the recommendations of your manufacturer.

On average, a manual gearbox oil change must be carried out every 30,000 km or 5.6 years

Maintaining an automatic gearbox

There are two types automatic gearbox, those with torque converter and the one with dry clutch (single or double clutch).

Automatic gearbox with cutting converter

For an automatic gearbox with torque converter, it is advisable to use one oil change every 60,000 km at 120,000 km. Once again, it depends on your car and the manufacturer's recommendations.

Automatic gearbox with dry clutch

For gearboxes with dry clutch, it is also recommended to drain it after 60,000 km.

Oil change of a gearbox: what price?

On average, the price of a gearbox change varies from 50 € to 250 € for a manual gearbox and 250 to € 1,000 for an automatic gearbox.

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