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What are the penalties for stopping in an SAS on a bicycle by car?

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What are the penalties for stopping in an SAS on a bicycle by car?

Stopping in an SAS by bike, the penalties

If you stop in an SAS by bike you incur:

A 2nd class fine 0 point withdrawn from your license fine of 22 € reduced Or a fine of 35 € Flat rate Or a fine of 75 € Increased Or a fine of 150 € Maxima To summarize Price of the ticket Minor 22 € Flat rate 35 € Increased € 75 Maxima 150 € Withdrawal of points 0 point Class of the ticket 2nd class

Attention : You may be flashed by a fire radar, wrongly, for running a red light. You will then be asked to pay a fixed fine of € 135 and a withdrawal of 4 points on your license. In this case, ask for the photo of your offense and you can then dispute that the light was not burned out because you were stopped in the SAS on a bicycle.

Who can ticket me?

Today there are 2 ways to be ticketed in a bicycle SAS:

Surveillance cameras can, in some cities like Paris, you can issue a remote ticket notice for this offense. This is generally the most common way to be fined.It is also possible to be fined by a police officer who is present on the scene.

Who is entitled to go to these SAS by bike ?

In the majority of cities, only bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles are allowed to use this space at a red light. However, some cities accept the presence of motorized vehicles in bicycle SAS, such as scooters and motorcycles.

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