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What are the different automatic gearboxes and which one to choose?

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The single-clutch automatic gearbox (BVA)

Simple and inexpensive to manufacture, the single-clutch automatic gearbox, more commonly called robotics, is none other than '' a classic gearbox assisted by robots which replace the actions of the motorist to engage or change gears in his place.

AdvantagesDisadvantages Inexpensive, easy replacementEasy maintenanceNo excessive increase in massNo overconsumption of fuel Box slow, not very fluid Reliability problems on old models Limited lifespan

Who is it suitable for?

This automatic gearbox has been used by many manufacturers for all their ranges of cars, such as Peugeot or Citroën and even on sports cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini. But it is only suitable for slow and smooth driving. It is therefore perfect for drivers who have a very light right foot or on small city cars with little power. Also note that this gearbox is from the old generation, it is not commonly used today. Due to the advent of the dual-clutch transmission, which is smoother and more efficient, the single-clutch transmission has lost popularity and is found on older models of decades past.

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The automatic gearbox (BVA) with double clutch

The automatic gearbox with double clutch is more efficient than the single-clutch automatic transmission, but it is also much more complex and expensive to manufacture. As the name suggests, the dual-clutch transmission has two clutches. And the clutch is the centerpiece that makes the link between the engine block which develops power and the transmission to the driving wheels, which move the car forward.

On the one hand, you find odd speeds (1,3,5,7,9) and on the other, even speeds (2,4,6,8). Even gears are linked to one clutch and odd gears to another, that's why we talk about double clutch! These two clutches work in pairs and make it possible to have no power cut. For example, if the gearbox is in 4th gear and you are in the acceleration phase, then the second clutch will prepare 5th gear and activate it. When the gearbox decides to change gear, no gear will change, it's just the clutches that will change. Instead of using the first clutch, the gearbox automatically shifts to the second. This allows you to have no cuts and no inconvenience in your driving. This changes compared to the jerks that we may have experienced before with the old manual gearboxes (BVM)! The other advantage is having exceptional fluidity and efficiency.

AdvantagesDisadvantagesComfort on the roadSpeed and efficiencyLong-term reliabilityLong service lifeExpensive boxMechanics heavier than a BVM More volume occupied by the gearbox

What are the different automatic gearboxes and which one to choose?

Who is it suitable for?

Used in cars for several decades, it is suitable for all types of cars and all types of driving, from luxury cars to sports cars, including small city cars or compact cars family. However, the morphology of the gearbox depends on the manufacturer. Porsche's dual-clutch automatic gearbox (BVA), the PDK, is very smooth and fast: it was developed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans! On the other hand, Volkswagen's DSG gearbox or Renault's EDC gearbox have been focused on driving comfort, to make your long motorway journeys as pleasant as possible!

The automatic converter gearbox torque

The torque converter gearbox has an architecture similar to the conventional gearbox in terms of speeds but does not have a conventional clutch. Indeed, it is a torque converter that transfers power from the engine to the gearbox. To put it very simply, the engine turns a propeller which is immersed in an oil bath, by turning it pushes the oil (just like a boat in water) to the other side another propeller is attached to the gearbox. With the thrust of the oil, the second propeller also starts to turn and then transmits the power to the gearbox and then to the wheels.

AdvantagesDisadvantagesComfort assured Proven reliabilityLongevity allowedLoss of power when changing gearOverconsumption of fuelLess performance than a dual clutch gearbox

Who is it suitable for?

Used in many American cars and some European cars for decades, the torque converter gearbox is becoming more democratic and very versatile. With much more efficient gearboxes nowadays, the loss of power and overconsumption are reduced which makes it perfect for all cars on the market. It will always be more expensive than a robotic gearbox and slower than a double clutch gearbox and thus offers a perfect compromise.

The continuously variable gearbox or CVT

The gearbox continuously variable or CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a completely different gearbox. Indeed, it does not have speeds, it is in reality a pulley which, with the speed increases or reduces its size. This action acts exactly like gears in the sense that the engine can, at 2500 rpm, be at 30 or 80 km / h but does not show any cut-off. This gives the impression that the engine is running in the semolina because the RPMs do not change but the car accelerates. It is generally found very little on cars. Only the Japanese use it, but it is however the gearbox used by all scooters, quads ...

AdvantagesDisadvantagesEase of productionSmall sizeReduced consumptionUnpleasant to useLoss of power

A suitable -it?

This automatic gearbox is ideal for scooters or quads but not very suitable for a car. However, it is found on Toyotas and it is not unsuitable for all that. It is therefore possible to find it on very small city cars only intended for the city and not very powerful with at its wheel a driver with a smooth driving.

Automatic gearbox: does not mean no interview !

While you've chosen an automatic gearbox for its ease of use and drivability, that doesn't spare you the maintenance. At the risk of having major repairs to do on your back after a few years or several thousand kilometers!

This remains a gearbox and it is one of the centerpieces of the car. It is essential since it is the transmission between the power of the engine and the fact that the drive wheels start to turn and the car ends up moving forward.

The key to maintaining your gearbox speed is oil. Its role is to lubricate the metal parts well, to prevent them from withstanding too many stresses and losses of power and capacity. So the maintenance you are going to perform is going to focus on the engine oil. And for that, nothing could be simpler: you just need to change it regularly. Even if you are not a handyman or have not touched the mechanics, changing the engine oil remains easily accessible for many.

Just place a drain pan under the oil pan, remove the drain screw: pay attention to the metal seal to be collected for sorting mechanical waste! While you let the tank fill, you can clean the screw which contains deposits of iron filings due to the parts rubbing against each other. You can then change the metal seal, tighten the screw and fill with new engine oil!

Don't forget to consult your car's maintenance book to check the manufacturer's recommendations and the correct one. engine oil suitable for your car!

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