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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the car registration document for my car? For that, you just have to do ...

nicad 13/08/2021 739

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the car registration document for my car? For that, you just have to do ...

The advantages

The same technical inspection but every 5 years

Any vehicle that has a collection registration card has the technical inspection deadlines extended from 2 to 5 years. This will save you a hundred euros but also reduce the risk of your car being banned from driving. So you have everything to gain.

No traffic restrictions

In large cities like Paris, certain vehicles are no longer authorized to circulate during the week or at peak pollution. With a gray card collection, you escape all this. No restrictions will be imposed on you, no vignette, you can drive your old car when you want and where you want.

Beautiful number plates

The new French number plates do not very good household with old cars. This is good, with collection registration certification you will have the possibility to put beautiful black and silver plates on your collection car.

Exemption from national homologation

If the vehicle you wish to acquire does not has never been approved in France but is over 30 years old, so you won't need to go through all that paperwork. You will just have to make a classic collector's license.

Your insurance at a lower cost

Collector's car status allows you to considerably reduce your insurance costs. You will therefore be able to drive on public roads with your vintage car legally and at a lower cost.

Blocking any immobilization procedure

Whether your vehicle is classified as technically irreparable or seriously damaged, it can never be immobilized, even by an expert! It is no longer a used vehicle but a collector's vehicle and will therefore not be immobilized under any circumstances. You will therefore be able to save your car even if the cost of repairs is much higher than the value of the vehicle.

The disadvantages

Apart from the few additional steps with the prefecture to have a collector's registration card, the only real drawback is that it is not possible to use it for commercial purposes. You cannot rent your vintage car for a wedding, movie or other occasion, unfortunately this is prohibited. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make tourists pay for a visit to Paris with your 2cv if it is in a vintage car, or even rent your beautiful Jaguar for a wedding.

Obtaining a collection certificate is not not so difficult!

If your car was put into service more than thirty years ago, then you will just have to provide some supporting documents to register it as a collection.

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