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TOP 5 cheapest new cars in 2019

nicad 30/08/2021 779

TOP 5 cheapest new cars in 2019

New inexpensive cars: little-known but attractive city cars

1. Skoda Citigo Active finish: € 9,500

This Skoda has 3 doors, two at the front and one for the boot. It has 4 seats, has a power of 60 horses. It is a manual gasoline city car, with a fiscal power of 3CV.

The Skoda Citigo, which comes to us from the Czech Republic, is perfect for urban use! Its small size allows it to move around and park easily. It is able to accommodate 4 people, has a smooth ride and neat finishes.

2. Suzuki Celerio Finishing Advantage: € 9,790

The Suzuki Celerio is a 4-seater petrol manual with three in-line cylinders. The power of the Suzuki Celerio is 68 hp. The fiscal power is 4 CV.

The city car comes straight from Japan, it is simple or even basic. But it consumes little and has a quality interior: on board the vehicle, there is room for the legs!

Dacia: the Romanian automobile at an unbeatable price

3. Dacia Sandero SCE 75: € 7,990

With a fiscal power of 5 hp, the Dacia Sandero has 90 hp. It reaches a top speed of 175 km / h. More greedy than the Suziki and the Skoda, it consumes 7.2 l / 100km. This 5-seater is driven manually and has an automatic 5-speed gearbox. If the Dacia Sandero is one of the best-selling models in Europe and France, with the lowest prices on the market, do not expect to have all the options on the base models: no ventilation, windows that open by hand… You can also find a used Dacia Sandero on the Capcar website.

4. Dacia Logan SCE 75: € 7,900

With an output of 90 hp, the Logan has characteristics similar to its sister, the Sandero. With 5 seats, the Dacia Logan offers very few options such as power steering for the € 7,900 model. However, its price is affordable and for a new station wagon this is a bargain!

The Dacia Logan and Sandero are the ideal models at a low price. With a higher power than city cars, they are capable of more resistance on long journeys.

A case apart: the Renault Twizy and its two front seats

Renault Twizy Finition Life 45: € 7,540

This two-seater vehicle, both simple and modern, can be driven from the age of 14! The Renault Twizy does not always require a B license to drive, and has a non-negligible quality: it is easy to use. In addition, due to its small size, you no longer need to search for a parking space for hours!

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