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The buyer's guide to properly buying a Youngtimer

nicad 27/08/2021 855

The buyer's guide to properly buying a Youngtimer

Buying your Youngtimer: the steps before you buy

1. Learn about the car and its project

You have an idea of ​​the Young you want to buy. To be sure of your choice, find out more in the forums, on the internet, and call the specialist clubs to find out which engine, which version to choose or to avoid. Make a file of the model you wish to acquire, enter all your criteria: km, year, engine, the options you want, all-wheel drive / traction / propulsion, its rating etc.

Once your project has been completed, enter the cost of use such as consumption, the price and the expiry date of the consumables, but also of the largest maintenance: belt, silent block of the running gear or any other intervention to be taken into account in your file based on feedback obtained. You will find all this information without any problem on the forums.

Finally, note on your file the major problems:

Engine reliability problem, gearbox, running gear ... known Car diseases : rust or other potential problems inherent to the model and expensive (hydraulic suspension leak, for example at Citroën). route.

Get also on the groups dedicated to Youngtimers on social networks or on the official pages of the model you are looking for.

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