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Technical inspection 2020: what to remember

nicad 17/07/2021 754

Technical inspection 2020: what to remember

With the extension of the technical control (MOT) deadline due to confinement and the large departures on vacation, auto garages find themselves inundated with cars to be serviced. Indeed, the duration of a technical inspection is valid for two years and the technical inspection is compulsory for all vehicles over 4 years old. But it must also be less than 6 months old at each sale of a used car, whatever its condition (recent used or dating from a few years ago)! To stem the phenomenon and avoid a technical inspection refusal, CapCar unveils the latest updates on technical inspections for the current year!

Summary Technical control: exceptional extension due to confinement Technical control: from traffic jams to car garages 5 tips for a cheap technical control

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