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Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

nicad 29/07/2021 619

Most young people are now, have taste, personality, ideal, but always shortcoming, due to limited budget, young people often fall into entanglement when choosing the first model. Brand, models, quality, power, configuration, fuel consumption and price, always need to pay if it is true. So, the wool is still drawn on the sheep. For car companies, although this market is huge, it is difficult to do all aspects.

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

2020 overall economy is not booming, most models have encountered sales stalls, in the early summer, the auto-market is off, this year, due to the influence of the epidemic in the peak season, with the appearance of the consumer group after 90 and 95, UNI-T Hot sale also interprets that China's auto market is undergoing huge changes, young, personalized, and intelligent becoming a main melody that is increasingly consumed. Because of this, many new models of this emerging consumer group have emerged in the past two years.

Changan Uni-t is like

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

First, I will see the appearance of Chang'an Uni-T, completely get rid of the shackles of traditional model design routines, huge Chinese network adopts the design with colorlessness with the body, almost occupying the entire front of the head, extremely visual tension. The cooked color breaks dull, and the inductance has personality. The recognition is extremely high. The light source is arranged to the front of the front face and smartly integrated into it, and the perfect outline is outlined in the edge of the front face, just like a Junlang's face.

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

Have to say, excellent chassis tuning has always been the core advantage of Changan Automobile, and then cooperate with three steering power models, and 33.24 meters of sports car grade 100 kilometers of braking performance, which makes this car SUV is very easy to get started, no matter Wherever you can express it.

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

Maximize you comfort, fashion, and exquisite interior space

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

Uni-T's interior is like its enhanced version, two 10.25-inch large screen combines all the features on the dashboard and the central control screen. This creative is indeed self-bite, but Changan is not directly moving. Its two screens also have a small angle between the two screens, let the central control screen tilt, not only look more design. Also alleviate the reflective problem of the screen. The unique electronic files and integrated seats are sitting inside, as if they are in the aircraft cockpit.

Small 100,000-level model black technology blessing Changan Uni-T

It is worth mentioning that scientific and technological intelligence, including full-speed self-adaptation cruise, parallel assist, lane deviation early warning, lane maintenance, active brake, fatigue driving reminder, etc., the active driving assistance system, which is also a "IQ" of Chang'an Uni-T. A lot of color. In configuration and technology properties, it has completely exceeds the level of 130,000-level models.

Chang'an Uni-T shows a more distinctive product competitiveness, avant-garde bold but very coordinated look design, performance output and stability are unable to dynamic performance, and more importantly, there is also a unique black technology blessing. , Combined with its price, I really can't find a reasonable reason. All in all, the needs of young consumers are changing, so they want to discuss the joy of young people. Nature must continue to advance. From this perspective, as the later, Chang'an Uni-T, is indeed more attractive than "old" leader 02.

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