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Running a red light: what are the penalties?

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Running a red light: what are the penalties?

If you run a red light you therefore incur:

A 4th class fine 4 points withdrawn from your license A fine of 90 € reduced Or a fine of 135 € Flat rate Or a fine of 375 € Increased Or a fine of 750 € Maxima To sum up Price of the fine Minor: 90 € Flat rate: 135 € Increased: 375 € Maxima: 750 € Withdrawal of points

4 points

Class of the offense 4th class

Who can sanction me?

You have two possibilities of being sanctioned for the moment in France:

By a road traffic officer By a fire radar.

In both cases, the ticket will be exactly the same

Priority vehicle If a priority vehicle (ambulance, firefighter) is behind you at a red light, you are legally allowed to grill it. If there is a fire radar, you will not be sanctioned or you can very easily challenge the sanction with the photo. On the other hand, if you do not burn this red light to allow a priority vehicle to pass, you may be sanctioned for non-compliance with priority for a priority vehicle (4 points and € 135 fine.

Important information around red lights:

Stopping in an SAS on a bicycle is not considered running a red light, so you only incur a fine of € 35 reduced to € 22 and no loss of points.

It is quite possible that a fire radar will photograph you in a bicycle SAS and sanction you with 4 points and € 135. In this case, ask for the photo which will justify that you did not burn the traffic light and contest the fine. You have 45 days to contest the fine.

Orange / Yellow traffic light which Sanction:

Switching to an orange / yellow traffic light can be sanctioned with a 2nd class offense with a fine of 22 € reduced, 35 € fixed, 75 € increased and 150 € maximum. You do not incur any withdrawal of point.

In the highway code, the amber light is in existing, it is called amber light, do not forget if you want to contest a ticket.

Note: On average, an amber light in built-up areas lasts 3 seconds compared to 5 outside built-up areas.

Some key figures on red lights in France:

205,000 offenses per year 30,000 intersections equipped with lights 120 seconds is the maximum duration of a red light

What to do when the red light is out of order?

As with a flashing light, if the red light is out of order, you are allowed to pass. The only rule is to let pedestrians pass, respect the right of way or the sign under the traffic light if there is one.

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