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Responsible driving, a new fashion for the automobile?

nicad 19/08/2021 627

Responsible driving, a new fashion for the automobile?

What is responsible driving?

On average, responsible driving could save you up to 30% on fuel and help reduce CO2 emissions. It would therefore improve the quality of our environment. But what does responsible driving really mean? Answer!

Responsible driving is directly related to driver behavior. By adopting responsible driving, the driver pollutes less, preserves his vehicle and increases its safety, and this by:

Smoother driving Adapting the speed

Note that responsible driving also means taking care of his vehicle. You have to remember to carry out technical inspections every two years and carry out regular revisions.

How to adopt responsible behavior?

Adopting responsible driving means integrating into your daily life , on the road, a whole bunch of simple things to do. Here they are:

Obey the speed regulations: for your safety above all, be aware that increasing your speed can lead to overconsumption of fuel. Avoid especially if your fuel budget is limited Drive smoothly: avoid jerks, sudden braking and unnecessary acceleration for a more pleasant driving Shift gears at the right time: this will prevent you from overspeeding. operating your air conditioning too much: it leads to overconsumption of fuel. Remember to inflate your tires: underinflated tires cause overconsumption of fuel and can quickly burst. A danger to be avoided especially in traffic. Avoid overloading your vehicle: this also leads to overconsumption of fuel (10 to 15%). Switch off your engine when you are stationary: and even for a 5-minute stop.

Responsible conduct? Your insurer can lower your auto insurance premium!

By adopting a smooth drive and being aware of your surroundings on the road, you considerably reduce the risk of an accident. Your number of tickets decreases and above all, you avoid the auto insurance premium. Precisely, if you drive less, better and with a moderately powerful vehicle, you can benefit from a reduction in your car insurance premium through your insurer. Regardless of the insurer, the majority offer this reduction. It's up to you!

Be rewarded for your good behavior!

Being rewarded for good behavior is possible! The startup eiver invites you to challenge your driving by rewarding you for your good deeds behind the wheel. More than a mobile application, eiver is a real companion in your daily journeys and helps you manage your car budget and maintain your vehicle.

The principle is simple: download the mobile application, receive XP for each of your trips. The more responsible you drive, the more you will be rewarded. Account for eCoins and convert them into discount coupons on lots of activities!

So, ready to become a responsible driving professional?

Do you know CapCar? Used vehicle sales between individuals, CapCar offers a large number of offers of quality cars inspected under 200 control points by professionals. If you want to become the owner of a vehicle, the best solution is to go through a professional like CapCar who will allow you to sell and buy simply and at the best price!

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