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Minor fine, Fixed fine, Major fine, Maxima… We explain everything about the fines!

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Minor fine, Fixed fine, Major fine, Maxima… We explain everything about the fines!

What is a ticket?

Tickets in France are classified from 1 to 5. Class 1 is the least serious and 5 the most serious. The first 4 are issued by a local judge unlike 5th class tickets which are issued by the police court.

The meaning of each amount

Reduced fine: It is a price reduction of the offense which can be applied only if the payment is made within a short period Fixed fine: This is the rate of the classic fine for an offense Increased fine: It is an increased rate due to a delay in payment deemed too long.Maxima Alignment: This is the maximum price that can be awarded for an offense.

To contest, you must not pay The loss of points is incurred only if the fine has been paid. Payment is somewhat of a proof of agreement to your violation. If you wish to contest it, then you must not pay the ticket notice.

Payment deadlines for each fine

Reduced fine: You have 3 days to pay if the notice of violation has been

given to you by hand and 15 days if you received it by mail

Fixed fine: You have 45 days to pay regardless of how you

received the notice of violation

Increased fine: this is the rate applied once the 45 days of the flat rate have passed.

You will then receive a new ticket: the Maxima fine

Pay your fines online You can now pay all your fines on the internet on the dedicated government site. Reduced, fixed, increased and maximum fine, they can all be paid on the internet if the amount does not exceed € 1,500.

The prices of each fine

Class of the fine 1st class except parking 1st paid parking class2nd class3rd class4th classAmende Minoré –– 224590A Fixed Fine11173568135Amende Increased333375180375Amende Maxima26.4026.4060144300

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