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Manufacturer's warranty: years and mileage depending on the brand

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Manufacturer's warranty: years and mileage depending on the brand

What are the guarantees by brand?

1 - The promise of a million kilometers at Honda

The Japanese manufacturer is known for designing engines that are both robust and efficient. The greatest proof of such efficiency is the length and mileage of the warranty offered by Honda. Indeed, the manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee or a guarantee ensuring you peace of mind up to a million kilometers!

2 - A 7-year warranty from Kia

The other manufacturer to offer a warranty well beyond the 2 years guaranteed by law, is the South Korean brand Kia . Its warranty is 7 years or 150,000 kilometers on all its models, and it covers labor and essential parts such as the engine block, cylinder head or axle for example.

3 - Jaguar's unlimited mileage

The British manufacturer offers a 3-year auto warranty with unlimited mileage on all its models. Keep in mind the idea of ​​the 3-year warranty, since unlimited mileage is necessarily constrained by the time factor. Indeed, it is the first expired term that counts, after three years, regardless of your mileage, the warranty no longer works.

4 - The first extended warranty at Toyota

The Japanese brand was the first to offer a warranty that exceeds the legal period of two years. Toyota then enjoyed an advertising advantage by being one of the first brands to highlight its three-year warranty, or mileage of 100,000 kilometers. The brand is also widely developed in the range of hybrids, offers a guarantee of 5 years or 100,000 kilometers for the components of the hybrid models in its range.

5 - Manufacturers limited to 2 years warranty

Apart from those manufacturers who seek to demonstrate the robustness of their mechanical parts and in passing take advantage to highlight their brand image, the other major automobile groups remain rather firm on the obligations of the manufacturer's warranty with strict clauses of two years duration and approximately 100,000 kilometers in general. Several manufacturers are found in this category, such as general manufacturers (Renault, Volkswagen, Opel, etc.), premium manufacturers (Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc.) or high-end manufacturers such as Porsche.

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Important points about the manufacturer's warranty

Remember the important points to know about the manufacturer's warranty:

The transferability of the guarantee:

The guarantee is not attached to the buyer but to his car. In fact, if your car is sold, if the contractual warranty period has not expired, the new owner is entitled to it. If the warranty period is 5 years, for example, and you sell your used car after 3 years, the buyer can benefit from it. If, however, the mileage limit has not been reached in the meantime.

The compulsory nature of the guarantee:

It is established, according to the consumer code, that the compulsory nature is recognized in the legal guarantee of conformity, known as the manufacturer's warranty. Clearly, each manufacturer must guarantee you against any manufacturing defect for a minimum period of two years! All brands offer a minimum two-year warranty, some decide to go further to promote their customers or to demonstrate the reliability and robustness of their engines! This legal guarantee is not affected by the rating of your car.

Normal wear and tear of parts to be changed:

The legal guarantee offered by the manufacturers covers parts that must be guaranteed to function normally at a minimum warranty time. The manufacturer may refuse to apply the warranty if you have not had normal use of your car. The parts are protected by the guarantee and repaired if they are damaged before their normal period of wear. If a seam comes undone or if a jack is no longer effective, for example. But if you're off-roading with a car that's not made for the trail, don't expect any part changes covered by the manufacturer's warranty!

The exclusion of consumables:

Parts which have a short lifespan are to be excluded, since they are parts which must be changed at random, and which can be replaced even before the warranties have expired. Brakes, tires, shock absorbers and labor are therefore not covered! These parts depend very much on the use of the car, the mode of driving, the climatic conditions.

Here is a summary table of the guarantees offered by brand:

Manufacturer (brand) Warranty (years and mileage) Alfa-Romeo 2 years and unlimited mileage (Stelvio, Giulietta, Giulia) Audi 2 years on the vehicle (unlimited mileage) - 3 years painting - 12 years perforation of corrosion BMW 2 years on the vehicle (unlimited mileage) - 3 years painting - 12 years corrosion perforation Chevrolet 3 years or 100,000 kilometers (1st term expired) and anti-corrosion warranty 6 years Citroën 2 years and 100,000 kilometers DS2 years and unlimited mileage (DS 3 Crossback and DS 7 Crossback) Fiat 2 years (extension possible up to 10 years) or 100,000 kilometers Ford 2 years and unlimited mileage Honda 3 years or 100,000 km for parts AND 5 years or 100,000 km for IMA system (electric motor assistance for hybrid cars) Hyundai 5 years and unlimited mileage Jaguar 3 years and mileage unlimited ageKia7 years or 150,000 kilometers Land Rover3 years or 100,000 kilometersLexus3 years or 100,000 kilometers for vehicle and 5 years or 100,000 kilometers for hybrid systemMazda3 years and / or 100,000 kilometersMercedes-Benz2 years and unlimited mileageMini2 years and unlimited mileageMitsubishi5 years or 100,000Nissan3 years or 100,000 kilometersOpel2 years and unlimited mileagePeugeot2 years and unlimited mileagePorsche2 years and unlimited mileageRenault2 or 3 years depending on model and unlimited mileageSeat2 years and unlimited mileageŠkoda2 years and unlimited mileageSmart2 years and unlimited mileageSuzuki3 years or 100,000 kilometers and 5 years or 100,000 kilometers for hybrid system parts years and unlimited mileageToyota3 years or 100,000 kilometersVolkswagen2 years and unlimited mileageVolvo2 years and unlimited mileage

The majority of manufacturers limit themselves to the two-year legal warranty with or without mileage limit!

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