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Leased car: change the tenant's address on the gray card

nicad 03/09/2021 1010

Leased car: change the tenant's address on the gray card

As a reminder: what is "leasing"?

"Leasing" is initially called LOA (rental with option to buy). This contract allows a person to become a lessee of a vehicle instead of purchasing it directly.

During the term of the contract, the lessee pays monthly installments to the leasing company. At the end of the contract, the lessee can decide to buy the car to become the only and new owner.

The steps to change the address of the car registration document to LOA

The information on the vehicle registration document must always be updated. Therefore, when you make changes in your personal situation, he must also change the postal address on the gray card.

This must be done by the leasing company. The tenant must inform him of his request and send him all the necessary supporting documents relating to the change of address.

Here is the list of documents to attach to make the change of address of the tenant on the registration certificate.

CERFA n ° 13750 * 05 or change of address request form to fill in Registration certificate A valid identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, etc.) proof of address less than 3 months old with your new postal address and your name

With these supporting documents, the leasing organization can request a change of vehicle registration document online, directly on the ANTS site. No need to go to a prefecture or a sub-prefecture.

Directly download the CERFA n ° 13750 * 05CERFA n ° 13750 * 05

Nevertheless, it is possible that the tenant make the request himself to change his address on the gray card. In this case, you must ask the holder of the gray card to fill out the Cerfa form n ° 13757 * 03 or a registration warrant. This power of attorney allows him to be authorized to make the change of address, he can then take the necessary steps himself.

You can make this change free of charge before the 4th change. If the gray card has already been changed 4 times, you must pay € 2.76 as a forwarding fee.

If you wish to make or renew your gray card, CapCar supports you in this process and offers you quality service at the best price!

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