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How to maintain the air conditioning in a car?

nicad 29/08/2021 693

How to maintain the air conditioning in a car?

How to properly maintain your air conditioning?

Keeping the interior clean

Keeping your interior clean, you help achieve pure, cool ventilation. The cabin filter, on the other hand, will prevent allergenic particles and dust from getting inside the air circuit. Remember to check it regularly and don't clean it. It is advisable to change it approximately every two years or every 15,000 km depending on its condition.

If you do not take care of the maintenance of your filter, this can also have consequences on your health . Accumulation of bacteria, mold, fungus in the filter and in the condenser tank can cause allergies, illnesses and infections. Risks to be avoided!

By running it regularly

In summer and winter, run your air conditioning, otherwise, on sunny days, the risk of breakage will be higher. Not using your air conditioning for several months and suddenly running it on a daily basis is not recommended. During the winter, run it once or twice a month for about 15 minutes, all year round. However, avoid overconsumption of your air conditioning at the risk of falling ill. It can also significantly increase your fuel consumption.

Detect problems to avoid major breakdowns!

Three signs will allow you to detect an anomaly on your air conditioning. Here they are:

No cost: if the air coming out of the vents is not fresh, there is a problem. This can be due to various defective parts, such as the cabin filter which may be clogged, the holder which does not or no longer work, or even the lack of refrigerant. A clogged condenser and a compressor that no longer works can also be the cause of this lack of cold air. Metallic noise: if a metallic noise occurs during use, it means that the compressor will soon no longer operate. fog on the windows: if fog forms on the windows while using your air conditioning, it is likely that the dehydrator will have to be replaced. A low flow of fresh air at the nozzle outlet can also be the cause.

Obtaining the best price to recharge your air conditioning

You want to call a professional for the complete maintenance or cheap air conditioning recharge? Vroomly, auto garage comparison site allows you to compare the prices for the recharge and the complete overhaul of your air conditioning according to the model of your automobile.

Do not hesitate, call on the best professionals near at home and who offer advantageous prices!

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