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How to choose the right car insurance

nicad 06/08/2021 591

How to choose the right car insurance

The different insurance contracts

In France there are 3 different types of insurance contracts. You must first determine which one to choose, it will depend on your car, your use but also your budget.

The third party

This is the compulsory minimum insurance in France. It is the cheapest but also logically the one that covers you the least. It will only cover the damage of a third party in the event of an accident but it will not reimburse you for your car.

Positive points Negative points


Easy to be insured (young driver, accident driver…)

Minimum coverage in the event of an accident

Who is it for? Young drivers Small budgets Cars with little value Small drivers

Insurance any risk

This is the insurance most chosen by French motorists. It is the most expensive but the most protective in the event of a disaster. It covers all people and physical object involved in the accident.

Positive points Negative points Optimum coverage

The price

Difficulty for certain person

Difficulty for certain car

Who is it for? New or expensive cars Motorists with a big budget

Intermediate insurance

It's just like its name! 'indicates an insurance halfway between the third party and the whole risk. It varies according to the contracts but can include in addition to third party insurance the following things:

A theft and fire guarantee A broken glass guarantee A storm and force of nature guarantee

Positive points Negative points Correct coverage

Attractive price

Easy to get insured

Who is it for? Drivers with a vehicle of a certain value Drivers with a certain income

Please note that the best offer is not the cheapest offer, but the one that gives you the best protection for the best price. You will certainly be happy not to pay a lot but on the day of the loss if you are not covered you will always regret not having paid 20% more for better protection

Which insurer to choose

If you are already insured or someone in your family is insured, the first thing to do is to look at that insurer. If you are not insured or the rate does not suit you, then you have 3 ways to find the contract that suits you.

Online comparators

Simple and fast, this is the best way to compare offers quickly. They are ideal for realizing the price you are going to pay (a fork). The problem with comparators is that they do not offer a possibility of negotiation and do not offer the exact price. It is possible that the insurer will increase the price afterwards. We advise you to start with the comparators to just get an idea of ​​the price necessary to insure your car.

With an insurer directly

Longer but much more precise, you just have to call or quote online . You will then have the opportunity to negotiate as much as possible. Do not hesitate to bring out the prices you have seen on comparators to negotiate.

Adapt your contract to your needs The best way to reduce your insurance costs is to take out insurance adapted to your needs. Your contract must be adapted according to the number of kilometers, the value of your car etc.

With a broker

This solution is not ideal for everyone. This is a very good solution for new cars or cars of a certain value. They will negotiate the best market price for your needs as far as possible.

Play the competition Don't hesitate to use these are three solutions. Compare the results and take the best deal for your use.

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