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Gray card lost: what to do?

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Gray card lost: what to do?

How to request a duplicate?

The request for a duplicate registration card must be made by the owner of the vehicle. If the car is pledged or under a leasing contract, the loss of your certificate must be reported to the body or the owner of the vehicle, who will then be in charge of the duplicate. If a third party is doing the process for you, they must have a signed power of attorney and identification.

The request for a duplicate of the vehicle registration document must be made online on the ANTS website. You will need to scan your documents or photograph your identification documents using a smartphone equipped with a camera. If you do not have this equipment, you can go to the digital point of a prefecture or sub-prefecture. The establishments have almost all the equipment you will need to complete the process. However, it is no longer possible to apply in paper format directly to the prefecture as was the case until 2016.

What documents must be provided?

During the process, the ANTS asks you for a number of documents to provide such as:

the technical inspection report of the vehicle valid if it is more than four years old, less than 2 years old at the time of the request a proof of identity of the holder and / or co-holder the vehicle registration number your bank details: you must pay the cost of the duplicate of the gray card by bank card

Reminder: if a third party requests a duplicate for you, this person must be in possession of a signed power of attorney authorizing it, and a valid identity card in his name.

Obtain the provisional registration certificate (CPI) after requesting a duplicate

At the end of the procedure, you will obtain:

a provisional registration certificate (CPI): document which you allows you to travel for a month in the territory, while waiting for your registration card.

This document presents all the information of the future registration card: vehicle number, vehicle holder, technical characteristics, date of entry into service…

an acknowledgment of your request a file number: this number allows you to follow your file

What is the price of the request for a duplicate registration document?

The price of the gray card depends on the region in which you live, and the price of the corresponding tax horse. It varies between € 27.00 in Corsica and € 51.20 in the Provence-Alpes Côte d´Azur (PACA) region. The fiscal horse is an administrative unit that depends on the rate of carbon dioxide emissions emitted by your vehicle. To find out the price of your registration card, you must multiply the regional tax by the number of fiscal horses. You will then have to pay a tax corresponding to the management costs (4 €) and transport (2.76 €) of the registration certificate.

If it is a commercial vehicle used by a professional, an additional professional training tax is to be expected. If you want to know more about how to calculate the fiscal horse according to your region, see our article: What is the price of the fiscal horse by region?

I found my registration certificate after completing the procedure: what should I do?

If you find your gray card after requesting a duplicate, the old card, called "primata" is no longer valid. You can then destroy it. Be careful not to apply for a gray card unless you are sure you have really lost the card. This will save you unnecessary additional costs!

Have you lost your registration card and want to get a new one? You don't like administrative procedures and don't know how to proceed? The Kyump service is for you! We take care of all the steps to provide you with your vehicle registration document at home in just two to three days.

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