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Clutch, an essential and expensive replacement

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Clutch, an essential and expensive replacement

Reminder: the role of the clutch

The clutch is the part making the link between the gearbox and the engine, and making it possible to change from one gear to another while avoiding jolts.

By disengaging, ie when you press the clutch pedal, the engine is separated from the wheels, and this makes it possible to change gears. When you take the pressure off the pedal, that is to say by engaging the clutch, the engine is again put in contact with the wheels of your car.

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Clutch replacement: why the price difference? Hourly rate and part type

One of the factors that goes into the price difference from garage to garage Another for replacing a clutch is its hourly rate. Indeed, changing the clutch is a long operation, which can last between 3 and 6 hours. A difference in the hourly rate will therefore have an impact on the price of labor, which may thus double.

In addition, the type of part used by the mechanic will impact the cost of the service. A clutch in exchange standard (ie remanufactured) or used will be less expensive than a clutch of origin.

The make of your car

The price of the change of the clutch can also vary depending on the brand of car you own. Indeed, according to data from the Autobutler site, for the clutch change of a car of the Mazda brand, you will have to count between 400 € and 600 €, while for a car of the Volvo brand, the price may vary between € 900 and € 1,400.

The flywheel

The last point that significantly impacts the price of changing a car's clutch is the dual-mass flywheel. This part, located at the outlet of the engine, just before the clutch, transmits the rotational movement. Most of the time, this is a part that does not need to be changed, but it can sometimes be damaged. It is only possible to ascertain its condition when the vehicle is dismantled.

If the flywheel of your car is defective, allow a surplus of at least 400 € on your budget (the price of flywheel may vary depending on the brand used by the mechanic).

How often should I change the clutch?

You will not normally have to change the clutch until you have exceeded the 100,000 km traveled. However, bad driving habits will bring the due date closer, as they will contribute to the mechanical parts of the clutch system wearing out faster.

Thus, avoid sudden releases of your clutch pedal , just as it is important not to leave your foot on the clutch pedal while driving, when it is not necessary. When stationary, prefer to shift to neutral so as not to exert unnecessary pressure on the clutch.

By following these few simple tips to put in place, you will avoid unnecessary wear on the clutch of your car!

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