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Changing cars every year: is it financially interesting?

nicad 20/08/2021 658

Changing cars every year: is it financially interesting?

How to change car every year?

Car leasing

Renting a car under LOA (Rental with Option to Purchase) or LLD (Long Term Rental) is a possible solution! Leasing contracts can be signed for a minimum period of 12 months. Note in passing that leasing contracts are subject to certain conditions. The motorist agrees to complete a certain number of kilometers with the funding organization. He may have to pay compensation if he exceeds the number of km. Leasing is therefore not a suitable solution if you want to change your car every year because you drive a lot.

If you want to rent for a period of less than twelve months, then you will have to resort to a short-term rental.

Taking over a leasing contract through a leasing transfer

Transferring a leasing means changing the owner of a leasing contract. The contract therefore takes place between the initial owner and the transferee and the duration of the leasing contract will be shortened for the transferee. The buyer takes out the leasing with the conditions for which the contract was signed but for a shortened period of time.

In addition, he doesn't have to make any initial contribution, which allows him to change cars with less time.

Opting for used vehicles to change regularly

Changing used cars regularly is a faster and easier alternative. It is particularly recommended if you are a proficient driver and can even pay off in the long run. All you have to do is buy a low-mileage car and sell it a year later with a few tens of thousands more miles on the clock and for just a little less. CapCar / CapCar helps you and supports you in your process.

Do you want to buy a used vehicle but are afraid of scams? Opt for Kyump / CapCar, your trusted intermediary in the sale of vehicles between individuals. We secure the transaction and check the condition of the car. We take care of everything for you. With Kyump / CapCar, you can finally buy or sell with confidence.

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What is the most financially attractive solution?

The least profitable long-term solution is the regular purchase and resale of used cars. This is all the more valid if you are a great driver. Be careful, however, not to buy vehicles that are too old or too specific (on which spare parts do not necessarily exist). The automotive market is constantly changing and by researching prices or existing models, you will end up sniffing out a good deal.

The advantage of the used vehicle is the freedom you have with your vehicle: you can do whatever you want because you own it. You have no monthly installments to pay, no special insurance to subscribe to, no mileage barriers ... Your only initial contribution counts, but you can find cars at all prices! Come see for yourself by consulting our catalog.

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